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Angry New Here Hello All

This is my 1st post and I want to introduce myself I am a 36 year wife of 11 yrs. and mom to a awesome 5 yr. old boy. Here is my problem in a nut shell: I don't know where to go for my addiction to stimulants first it was ritalin and now provigil I can and have gone through a 30 day supply of each in a 10 day period I am currently on provigil for depression and even that med I am very addicted too I went too AA and I didn't feel any connection at all. I went to NA and again no connection. I found most people were either suffering from alcholism or illegal street drugs or opiate prescription where the heck do I fit in I want to feel like there others with my issue please help!!
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Question I feel so alone!!

I feel like my addiction to prescription stimulants is so very mild compared to everyone else's addiction that I feel alone and that nobody can relate and its a very lonely feeling plz someone tell me I am not alone and what they did to get better.....PLZ
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Geez no response yet maybe I am alone
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Hi JennyLynn, and Welcome to the forum. I can't say why no one else has posted to you about stimulant addiction but hang in there and you'll find some support.

Recovery is the same for any type of drug or alcohol. Suboxone is the main recovery tool most use here because of the large amount of people hooked on pain meds.

You are not alone and any addiction is not considered mild if your life is out of control. Try posting on other website forums if you don't have much luck here.

All I can recommend is maybe going either into a rehab place or how about N.A.? Have you ever gone to one of those meetings? It's worth a try and you'll find lots of similar addicts there. N.A. has them all.

I wish you the best and tell us some more about your addiction.

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Default Hi JennyLyn4eva WELCOME !

Dear JennyLynn4eva,

Welcome to the forum first you are NOT alone and congrats on taking a huge step by posting !!
( and Abbynormal thanks for posting : ) and great suggestions!

Sometimes the stimulant forum gets slow but go back and read the stories from the members here, it may give you insight and some ideas about what options you may be interested in.

There is a saying addiction is addiction, the substance may be different but we all share similar issues : a physical and/ or psychological dependance on a substance and not knowing how to stop. Like saying I'll quit tomorrow and then tomorrow comes ..... back to the races again.

There is help out there, read the member's stories, the educational links, and you will see but I KNOW the feeling so well of feeling that I was the only person on the planet that felt the way I did, hopeless, helpless= But I found help and people like me and it changed my world for the better.

If you could share a bit more like have you ever sought some type of help, face to face counseling, support groups and what would you be interested /comfortable with trying ? just writing about it is a great start.

To the right of this page in orange is a link to the treatment locator, click it, type in your zip code and it will give you a list of resources in and around your area.

I will check on you later tonight and tomorrow, hang in there, you are NOT alone! Take care, Carly
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Hi JennyLynn, I hope you're still checking in here.

You are SO not alone, but I remember that feeling...nobody else in the world could possibly know what I'm going through...yet we do.

Carly made some great suggestions...I read a bunch of sites and stories before I ever joined any group or posted anything. And it's true, no matter what the substance, addiction is addiction. The treatment methods may differ, but the suffering, pain, guilt, damage, etc...pretty much the same.

Have you talked with the physician who prescribed you the Ritalin and Provigil? Or are you getting them from a different source? I never took Ritalin, but I've had a long addiction to stimulants. I did take Provigil to counter-act the drowsiness that I got from Strattera. I quit everything my doctor prescribed when I miscarried in 2007.

I can totally relate to not connecting to people at AA/NA. I had some strong connections at my meetings...until I moved across the country, and now in my new state, I haven't found anybody that I feel a "click" with. In fact, I don't even blend in. They all say I have an accent, so right off the bat I get questioned about where I'm from. In my opinion, they're the ones with the accent.

Anyway, I hope you find some comfort here...and some help. I went through two different rehabs...90 meetings in 90 days, sometimes more just to stay away from home: the dope house. Went through transitional housing and massive therapy, too. I hope you don't feel alone and know that there is help and hope.

Have an awesome, dopeless day,

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