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Default Isolating danger

It has occurred to me that isolating from others is not an unusual behavior for addicts currently using and for those of us that are struggling to stay clean. I isolated often when using because I didn't want others to know, felt bad about what I was hiding from others and myself, and I isolate now because I am living in a situation that stirs the desire to use up inside of me. Avoidence of truth is dangerous for me. Facing truth is frightening sometimes, especially when the TRUTH according to my take on the current situation might not be the TRUTH for others involved. Support does not exist for those so self-absorbed they don't know how to be supportive of others and addicts can be VERY SELF-ABSORED! As an addict living in a household of other addicts I find it very difficult to find support but my offers of support are always used. Why is that?
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Hi Kat and welcome to the forum. Lots of great people here with experience about addiction because we've all walked in those shoes.

Have you seen an addiction specialist or any therapist? Some others prefer NA or AA to work the steps and meet new like minded friends. I worked all the 12 steps and can say that by the time I was on step 9 my life had improved tremendously. Some of the things you were posting about can be resolved with their program. But to each their own and hopefully you'll find the recovery method that suits you best.

Take what you need from this forum and leave the rest. We are here to help.


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Yes i can relate completely to isolating. I do it all the time, somedays it will be so bad i won't even answer text messages. I think part of my problem is that being an addict for so long has caused me to become greatly depressed and even though i do see a therapist every week i still struggle daily with isolating.
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