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Default Thinking through the first drink in advance

I just thought I'd share this as it was a first for me.

Until now, when I've had the urge to drink it's been an immediate thing, as in I want a drink NOW. I'm still working on getting through that first urge, but so far so good.

The other day I had an urge to go drinking the next day. I pictured myself in the bar, having a few beers and found myself looking forward to it 24 hours in advance. I then cooked and ate dinner and the urge had passed - so much so that I had no urge whatsoever to go out the following day.

Has anybody else had anything like this?
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I have wished I could have a glass of wine when I went to lunch the next day with my sister.
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all the time yes, when im invited to things, like the halloween party, i was wondering what drinks to take, couldnt wait to go and get drunk etc

In the end though i cancelled...

it doesnt always work unfortunately x
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I have that feeling too. This hurts and it's so hard but I think you're doing something in place of it helps. I'm still trying to figure out what to do in place of it. Tea has helped and Diet Pepsi. If I need an energy kid I will get a Green Monster energy drink. It's the oral fixation that we crave a well. Which I ha e learned

Best wishes and stay strong!

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SecretTiger, Way to think through that 1st. drink. It's the 1st. that will get you.

Have a great day.
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Good evening dear Secret Tiger. Bright blessings to you.


That is what we are talking here. I believe every alcoholic has an intimate relationship with their use of alcohol. The nature of the beast lends itself to nothing else other than an "anaesthetic" on whatever that need of numbness may be. Therein lies the "individuality" of the relationship to alcohol to each and every one of us.

I have shared this before, yet i don't think you were here when i did, i apologise in advance if i have said this before.

It was the Notting hill gate carnival in London way back in the early 80's and in the evening performances where given on stages that had been made up the night before. Lights....curtains...the lot.

A performance had come and gone, and the next performance was about to begin...about 70-100 people in the audience.

We were all waiting, and the curtains opened....but only "so far" they were stuck.

An EXTREMELY drunk Rasta walked onto the stage between the half opened curtains.....folk in the audience looking around for security.....and then became transfixed by this total "freak" losing it.

Well......he was ranting and raving to his Mrs who was standing in the wings...we couldn't see her......he said this.....

"you ******* bastard. You promised said you would always be there. My love for you meant i did not move to that job, i did not take up that opportunity......i did not persue what i wanted......and all because i LOVED YOU!!"..

Of course by now we were transfixed. This is a performance.....what is he doing?....and i really don;'t want to be his Mrs behind the curtain.

He said....

"F*** you". I gave you everything. You have taken everything from me....i want nothing more to do with you"

He staggered to one side and we thought..."OMG....he's going to lump someone"....

He said.....

"alright. I will give"

The curtains opened to reveal a stool with a bottle of rum on it.

The audience gasped with brilliance, the dear fellow took a bow, sober as a judge, left the stage with the words......

"Think. When you have... your freedom will be feeling".

You have experienced the thrill of alcohol. There is a good reason why "thrill...n kill" sound so very familiar.

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to you dear Secret Tiger
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Sobriety is a lifestyle. In the beginning of sobriety it can be easy to find our former lifestyle attractive. We identify with it, and feel it's loss when it is gone. People, places and things can be triggers. Think through that first drink, see yourself sober and happy. Our brains are powerful organs. Commit to sobriety and you may find the urges diminish.

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