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I am reading a book called Dark Days by David Randall Blythe. He is the singer in a band called Lamb of God. Two years ago he quit all drinking and all drugs. Shortly after, he found himself arrested in Prague for manslaughter after a fan died at one of their shows. In this book, he writes about his time in jail, sobriety, jail, sobriety, funny stories from the road while sober, being sober in jail, and well, I'm only half way through, but I get the picture. My therapist actually recommended that I don't read this book, as I am currently in legal trouble while trying to maintain my sobriety. But I explained to him that once I start a book I can not stop until it is finished. I did promise him that I wouldn't read it before bed though.

David Randall Blythe was found innocent. As he was.

I just got done reading a bit where he began to write gratitude lists while in jail, a tip that he picked up from his therapist and AA meetings. He said that he tries to sit down at least a couple times a week to do this. I have read several members on this forum speak of the same idea, so I thought I might start a thread just for this. Maybe I am the only one that will contribute, maybe others join in. Being that 13 is my favorite number, I will start here.

I hope you are all strong and happy today!

1- I am grateful I am sober.
2- I am grateful that I have found this group.
3- I am grateful for my friend's and family's health.
4- I am grateful for my friend's and family's endless support.
5- I am grateful for water. It gives me something better to drink.
6- I am grateful for my career, I will retire at it one day.
7- I am grateful the sun and heat are around today and that summer hasn't given up.
8- I am grateful for the strength I have inside to tackle this sobriety monster.
9- I am grateful I didn't forget how to ride a bike. It gives me something to do after work:P
10- I am grateful for the many creative outlets that I have rediscovered since I quit drinking
11- I am grateful I never got into drugs in the first place
12- I am grateful for everything I have to be sober for
13- I am grateful for second, third, fourth, fifth, or however many chances it takes. Lets do this thing.
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Awesome, gratitude is the key to happiness!
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JD, You Rock!! Your gratitude list says it all.

Have a great evening.
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Great idea JD!!! Plus its super cool you like the number 13...i also love it, mainly as i love Jason from Friday the 13th haha

My gratitude list...

1) I am grateful for my family, my biological one and you guys.
2) I am grateful that i am creative and able to pursue a career doing something i love.
3) I am grateful that I question things, that i am amazed by life, by space, by the possibilities...sometimes i hate that i am like this, but i need to remember that it is a good thing, and can get me far in this world.
4) I am grateful for Jackson! He has saved me and changed me. Responsibility, unconditional love, protection. Yes he is 'only' a cat but I love him with every inch of my heart and soul.
5) I am grateful for the friends i have who support me, encourage me and share my passions. Whether it is marching in the protests against the Tories, sitting back to watch an obscure French film, jumping around at a music festival, discussing how to show our work in the latest exhibition or debating about our favourite books...i only have a handful, but I am grateful they are there.
6) I am grateful that my therapist helped me to stop cutting myself. Looking back, seeing my horrible scars...i cant believe how far i have come.
7) I am grateful to the two paramedics that saved my life after i overdosed last year.
8) I am grateful that today i am sober!
9) I am grateful that i get to sleep in a warm bed, that i can make a cup of tea in the morning, have a bath in the evening, put the heating on when it is cold.
10) I am grateful that I was introduced to Buddhism.
11) I am grateful that I have good taste in music
12) I am grateful that i am so passionate about things, it can make life difficult when i am so emotionally moved by things, but on the flip side, this trait can be so so incredible as well.
13) I am grateful for my company, and the support and accolades it has already received. I predict I will move this forward, bigger, better, important things to come.

Thanks for reading.

Peace xxx
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R. Lee
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Alexis great job too.

A gratitude list can keep us grounded.

Have a great day.
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