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Default Alcoholic neuropathy - anyone had it ?

Hi, I think I may have alcoholic neuropathy - I have excruciating, mind blowing, stabbing, burning pain in my feet - but no numbness, tingling or problems walking. My blood tests including Vitamin B12 are OK. It started a year ago with my right foot which came on very suddenly and has now been followed by my left foot this last week. I was until recently drinking two bottles of wine a day.
Has anyone else had this ? If so, what are your symptoms ? how was it diagnosed ?, did it go away after you stopped drinking -if so after how long ?
I am very worried - please reply.
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NOT A DOCTOR said blood tests were ok? I know a lot of diabetic folks at work, many of whom developed it after a life of drinking to excess. Your symptoms sound a lot like the onset of diabetes. I could ve very wrong, but it might be worth looking in to.
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Needhelpnow123, Welcome to the site.

Many of us have health problems due to our alcoholic drinking. I can not help answering your question. Seek medical help about your question.

Do you need help now to quit drinking?
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50 years of drinking: neuropathy in both hands and feet. It improved significantly when I quit drinking.
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