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Default A little background

Many of you are coming forth and being very open, so I thought I'd share a little bit more about what brought me here. I don't feel comfortable about sharing my name just yet, but a few things mentioned on other threads have prompted this new thread.

Alexis mentioned an interest in Zen. I was born in Japan close to a Zen temple and spent a lot of time there as a kid. One of the priests there is a friend to this day and he is helping me along now. I'll get back to that...

I then spent a little time in the Soviet Union as a child and, I must say, I have only fond memories of it. (My name here comes from spotting a Siberian tiger as a kid, and having to keep it a secret.) How I ended up there is another story (I was just a child) but I spoke intermediary English at the time before being enrolled in a full-on bilingual English-Russian school. My Russian is almost non-existent now.

After that - a while before the Soviet Union collapsed - I moved to the UK, and spent many years there. I hold British citizenship and, because of the time I spent there (and family), I consider myself British.

I did my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in the UK before moving on to other countries through work. I've either lived or worked in Syria, Spain, Afghanistan, France, Russia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. I now divide my time between Hong Kong, China, Japan and Russia. My work is nowhere near as exciting as those destinations may sound.

As of now, I consider English to be my native language, although Japanese is a close second. My Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) is enough to get me by, my Spanish passable, my French rusty, my Arabic very rudimentary and, as I say, I've sadly forgotten almost all of the Russian I learnt.

Because of my background, I was kind of 'sought out' by certain people, but I turned my back on all that a long time ago. (It wasn't anything exciting, in case you're thinking James Bond!).

I've recently quit some of my work. I realised that the stress of travel, responsibility and all the rest was weighing down on me. That's how I ended up being an alcoholic. I spent many years in places where alcohol is not only acceptable, but encouraged. And I didn't need much encouragement.

So back to the Zen. I've been spending some time back in Japan - near to my home! - and visiting a few old places. Let me tell you, Japan changes at breakneck speed, yet some things never change. I guess you never forget where you were born no matter where your parents are from.

So I sat and talked to my friend for hours and he convinced me to seek help. Not for alcohol, because he's wise enough to see that as a symptom, but for the cause. That prompted my post the other day.

So here I am, connected in the Far East, but going offline soon to 'go back to my roots' (my friend's words). I know not everybody believes in the power of meditation, but I do. It's simple, it's pure, and it helps (me).

That's the essence of the Zen I knew and the Zen I'm being reacquainted with - you are who you are right here, right now. The rest? It's either in the past or yet to come, so why worry about it?

I love you all. Please take care. Sorry for the essay!
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Secrettiger thank you for this! It does sound quite amazing and i would love to learn a little more but im afraid you may not be around much

I wish i could travel to your home and learn more about zen and meditation. I try to meditate but never give myself time out. two or three times a week i do it, every day would be good for me. It certainly helps, im not great at it but learning.

I wish you well ST xx
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Good afternoon Secret Tiger. Bright blessings to you., a secret no more.

Secret Tiger, i can say little more than safe journey my friend. The gift of your "essay/post", will certainly resound, and remain with me forever.

The secret tigers we all seek are within us, the life to be lived before us, the apptitude and ability to do so, within reach, anything beyond, our aspirations.

Thank you Secret Tiger.

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to you Secret Tiger
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Thank you for sharing your story, SecretTiger. Please check in if you're able, when you're able, to let us know how you're doing?
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Secret Tiger,

One of the things that struck me about your post is that alcohol is only a symptom of an underlying problem. In spite of our uniqueness, that is the one thing we have in common. It reminds me that if we just quit drinking, our personalities, problems, characters, etc. don't change. The work really begins once we are sober. Then we examine ourselves and what we need to do to become kinder, more honest, more forgiving, etc. and reduce the need to drink or drug to numb ourselves.

I wish we all had a Japanese priest who would help guide us through this recovery!

Keep sharing!

Thanks, Susie
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Wow what a life you have lived. To be able to see so much of the world we all share. Speaking of sharing, Thank you for doing so!

Your friend is wise and so are you to be see alcohol as a sympton of the problem. Such a big step in my opinion. I wish you well. Please stop by and let us know how you are doing occasionally!

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Secrettiger - Good luck and support your choice and decision...stop by once in a while and chime in....

Peace friend...
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