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Default The last step!!

Hey all!

The "bing" here! Just wanted to take a quick minute and let ya'll know i am totally out of the withdrawls, and completely back to my old self (with the exception of wanting to strangle a few co-workers, haha). So keep the faith, and stick to the plan, as i am proof. And if i can do it, then anyone can b/c i am one of the worst as far as sticking to the "plan". Gotta run, as i am sure i am being watched, so time to get back to work.

It's nice to have normal problems for a change...been a long time coming!

Take care,

a totally clean "bing"
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Thank you so much, I hope you realize how much encouragement you bring, to so many people!
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Oh, in case some of you caught my blogs in the middle. Here is a timeline of how long it took me. I know how it is when you are just trying to get an honest answer as to "HOW LONG"......

11/29/10 Took my last perscribed SUB. Doctor was on vacation and would not refill
so I got pissed, and decided then I was DONE!

12/5-1/8 Took bits & pieces I was able to scrape up from a neighbor (total of 3 8MG
pills spread out during this time frame).

1/8 - Present: Due to no access to any SUB whatsever, I was forced to "bunker
down" and weather the storm. Loaded up on St John wart, Vitimin B+, O J,
& Meletonin for sleep. Some nights I had to take up to 6 pills (Meletonin) to fall
asleep, but be patient, they do work! Started to actually feel a little normal
beginning of February. Had a lull of ups & downs for the most part of that
month, but then one morning I woke up and about midway through my workday
I stopped and realized "Hey...I'M FINALLY OVER THIS SHIT"!! Been a non stop
celebration since, and I have not looked back!! After 9 years...I BEAT THIS

THE BING WAS AN ADDICT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You are sooooooooooo wecome, vhappy!! But it's others before me that encouraged me, so all i am doing is passing on the favor! You must get well so you can keep passing the torch!! I feel like jumping out of my chair at work and screaming somedays b/c i am sooo happy! I am sorry if i get repetative, but i cannot stress enough what an accomplishment it has been! I would have no problem posting my phone number for anyone to call me anytime for encouragement as long as i knew i would not be breaking any rules!! I cannot wait to help even just one perosn feel what i now feel! It was almost worth the addiciton to feel thsi good again!!!

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Hi Frank, congratulations! Thanks so much for letting others know it can be done!
Very inspirational and very much appreciated!

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No...THANK YOU!!!...for all your support, encouragement, and advice! Could not have made it without! I will continue to post, and be there as encouragement for anyone who may just be looking for those few certain words that just may be all they need to get over that hump! B/C this is the place that FINALLY did it for me! Not my "doctor", not the meds, but THE PEOPLE ON HERE were, in the end, all I needed to get through it!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ONE AND ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ok Frank,

I'm brand new to this site, just found out about it from my councelor. So I have no idea of the road you ve traveled to get here to where you are now... But how long were you on suboxone before you quit it??? I'm hearing to quit cold turkey is the best way to go about it, but that it is tough. Being an addict I can t see me looking forward to withdrawls to do it.
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Oh ...and I'm so sorry...CONGRATS!!
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That is so AWESOME, Frank! Many many warm congratulations on your profound victory! Feels INCREDIBLY GOOD, doesn't it!

Your story is very inspiring, and I thank you for sharing it with others who might still be fearing the scary (but temporary!!) days ahead of them, in their own taper process.

I also got free of the Suboxone albatross around my own neck very recently; took my last-ever dose 17 days ago. I'm 35 years old, and I literally can't remember ever feeling this good, in my entire adult life. The w/d's weren't bad, and above all, they were TEMPORARY. Freedom is attainable!

Thanks again, and keep walking in this newness of life!
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So sorry I took this long to respond!

I was on 3 tablets a day for about a year, then went down to 2 a day, for about another year and a half. But what I failed to tell my doctor was that for the last year, I just took MAYBE a quarter to a half tablet each day! So for the last 10 months I was slowly getting off them subconciously. You see I had a close friend that was dealing with opiot dependancy, and he couldn't afford the treatment. Me, being the one who always feels like he can "save the world" I would share my tablets with him (I DO NOT encourage this, and it was definitely not legal) but the good news is that we are BOTH free of the pain pills as well as the suboxone.

I would not recommend cold turkey! Obvioulsy I am not a doctor (nor do I play one on TV, LOL) so what worked for me, may not work for others. But like I said in my last posts: Melatonin, Vitimin B+, and St John wart got me through the storm! The biggest thing that helped was that I was talking with a Pharmacist, and he hit it on the head. After taking a partial tablet that I would find in a coat pocket, or get from my neighbor (who orignially got them from me) but he was able to tapper, so he had a few left over, this Pharmacist said: "Eventually you are not going to be able to get anymore, then you will have no choice"! Those words scared the HELL out of me! But I found that as long as I knew there was a tablet close by, those WITHDRWALS seemed HORRIBLE! But once I knew there were none available, it seemed like my subconcious knew it was time to quit begging, and get over it!

Like I said, may not work for you, but the important thing is that THERE IS SOME WAY TO GET THROUGH IT THAT WILL WORK BEST FOR YOU!! I LIVED on this website for the last 4 weeks I went through it! And just as my last posts reflect, I FEEL F***KIN GREAT!!!


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Default are 100% right about our minds.

I haven't had a cigarette since Saturday and I'm doing just fine because I CONVINCED MYSELF I COULD DO IT. I had tapered down over the past month to 3-5 cigs/day and just put them down Sat afternoon. The last time I quit (for 2.5 yrs), I went thru the WORST nic withdrawal ever! No sleep, crying, depression, gained 10 lbs in 4 weeks...this time, I hardly think about it and could care less. The difference? I quit in my mind a month ago when I began my taper, began to picture them as something horrid everytime I put one to my lips and just completely psyched myself out about them. I also prayed very sincerely for God to take the desire away...and you know what? I lost the desire

Going to try it with Sub next

Congrats to you, Frank!
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