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Default Welcome Loved ones of an AD person

Welcome Loved ones of an Alcohol Dependent(AD) person.

Alcohol dependence affects the entire family. Often all of the focus is on the person with the dependence, but the entire family is impacted as well. Helping the family cope with the consequences of alcohol dependence is essential in maintaining or reestablishing a healthy family unit. Fear, guilt, shame, frustration, anger and embarrassment are all normal emotions that are better to be dealt with than to be ignored.

This site is designed to offer support from others with similar experiences and be a source of information that can better help the whole family deal with the disease of alcohol dependence.

Half of this site is dedicated to helping the friends and family who are often neglected with all of the focus on the addicted individual.

For more info see:

Welcome to the site

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While searching for answers tonight, I came across this website and thought I just throw this out there to get some advice. Our 30 year old son, that lives with us had an accident with our granddaughters (our daughter's children) in the car while my husband and I were out of the country. Thank God, no one was seriously injured. Our son was given 4 tickets that day, one of which was a DUI. This is not the first DUI. We knew he had a problem and had tried over and over to convince him to get help but he could always talk us into thinking it would be okay, that he could handle it and we would back down - he just wore us out. We have watched him lose jobs, girlfriends, vehicles, money and move in and out of our homes. This incident, that could have killed our granddaughters and him was the last straw. We told him that he had to check himself into a facility or get out of our house. That he had one week to make the decision and here we are a week later, and he's not here. He hasn't checked himself into a place and he hasn't moved out. He is staying with a friend - avoiding us. Tomorrow he should be home and we will replay last weekend's conversation and I fear that we are going to be forced to kick him out. Where will he go? He is penniless, has no driver's license and...he is my son. I'm completely heart broken over this but when he put the girls in danger, he forced me to take the stand that we should have taken years ago. We knew he had a problem. We just pushed it aside and hid it under the rest of the dirty laundry. My daughter even said she thought something was "funny" about her brother the day he picked the girls up, but she discounted it. Not one of us ever thought he would do something like this. He loves his nieces more than anything in the world. I guess I just want to know if anyone has any suggestions for us as to what we can do? I made phone calls to have him put in a rehab center and was told that I couldn't do it - he has to put himself in - if I did it, I'd be violating his civil rights! When I heard that, I didn't know whether to scream or laugh! What about the rights of my granddaughters? What about the rights of the people in the car that he turned in front of? Holy cow! I'm stumped. Please, anyone...any advice?
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