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Default Giant ball of knots

How can I fix this marriage? It is a constant roller coaster...and honestly, I feel a little sick from the ride. I love him SO much. But, he loves alcohol SO much. Things were going so well. He pretty much quit (down to a few on the weekends) for 2 weeks..and now he is drinking more than before. I don't know what to do, I don't know what to say anymore. I want to take my girls and run like hell, but I know that isn't a solution. My emotions feel like a giant ball of string tied up in knots...I have no idea where to even start unraveling. What do I do now?
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Hi Ami, I left my wife 4 wk ago, in that time she has promased me the moon if i come back. She almost had me this wkend, i miss her so much its hard, but after talkingto her Sun. I went to diner with my doughter,from my first marriage , she still live with my 2nd wife,she told me that my wife was drinking on Sat.nite. I am a recovering Alcohol, i have 23 yr in. I can tell you that he has to do it becouse he wants to not becouse you want him to,the same gose for my wife she has to do it for her self, not for me.
Killing me
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What do we do then. I have a wife who is in the program we are seperated. But she is being crazy. She blames me for everything. She has a fight with her family and it gets turn on me. I don't know what to do. I am also tired of the roller coaster. They are not sane when things go like. I look and say is it me and then i realize they are acting insane. I don't if it a chemical inbalance or what. I just wish it would stop.
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I second that motion, Soldier.
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Perahps this may give you some insight.

This is not the 'one stop shopping' answer for all that you are going through but it could be a contributing factor.

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They can't change for anybody but themselves.The only thing you can do is get help for your self.Focus on you and your girls.If he stops for you it will be short lived.As they say in AA when he gets sick and tired of being sick and tired.Yahoo sponsers alanon on line,afg alanon chatters.Creat an account and read the shares.It will help.Even a therapist will tell you to try alanon
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