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Default Aunt in Denial

I have an aunt who takes and has been taking hydrocodone for over 3 years on a daily basics. She is in complete denial about being addicted. She says she is not addicted she only takes what is prescribed for her and that is it. I told her if you try to stop taking them you would go in withdrawals your body is depended upon them now. She does not believe me and says she needs them for pain and could stop if she wanted to but doesnt want to because they help her but she is not addicted. I wish I could convince her she is wrong.
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Hi healthy52, if your aunt takes only what she is prescribed and doesn't run out early, she may not be addicted. Addiction is behavior - uncontrollable, compulsive behavior despite negative consequences. Physical dependence is when stopping a substance causes withdrawal symptoms - that can also happen with benzos, anti-depressants, nicotine, sugar, to name a few. So if she isn't engaging in that uncontrollable behavior, then she is most likely physically dependent.

This link explains the difference in detail:

I hope that's helpful.

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Thanks Nancy I agree she is physcially dependent on the drug but in her mind she is not. I do not even know if I believe she takes it has prescribed. She is SO judgemental about people who are addicted and I just want to point out HOW this could happen and she is not immuned from getting addicted to the pills. I know there is a difference between the two its her attitude that bothers me.
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