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Default I have another question

I am doing well.. all except of a small problem..I wake up every hour on the hour at nite usually. I can go straight back to sleep but i just wake up suddenly as if i had slept the whole 7 hours and it was time to get up except i had only been asleep an hour. I am on 16mg of suboxone now..he upped it from 8 to 16 a week ago to help with the arthritis pain...the dr. is trying to get me on a dose that would also work as a pain management dose as That is what got me on painkillers to start with was BAD pain in my joints etc. How do u know WHAT amt. is the perfect or right amount of sub. such as I want to NOT be in a lot of pain.. dont want to NEED pain meds again...and I dont want to be on TOO HIGH a dose and it be that much harder to get off someday..ITS VERY HARD to realize the correct amount..I at 16 now am very comfortable as far as my pain goes.. I am feeling totally wonderful every day! I am VERY HAPPY.. love everyone and everything about my life at this it seems I am at the perfect dose for me... BUT I do get a little sleepy feeling sometimes But can jump right up and get busy and have all the energy I could ever need also.My only small thing right now is the waking up over and over at nite. Is that a sign of somekind that is supposed to tell me something? Thanks for any help! and thanks for all your postings on here I read them almost every nite.. I dont always have the time to post myself but i read yours to see if i can find out things i need to know..I do know that sub has given me the best life and feelings I have had in years!!!!!! I just am afraid to enjoy it because I cant forget that I am still "on something"..that the Dr. could see fit to take me off of and take away that comfortable peaceful feeling I am enjoying the Hell out of right now..Its like its too good to be true..If I had a guarantee that I could stay on this for the rest of my life I would sign up this minute and I could finally relax and accept it that I am happy and out of pain and noone could change that which would ruin my life as I am now living it.. which is a wonderful comfortable happy place in my head and heart .. NOT a dope happy feeling but a feeling of total happiness and PEACE that I had searched for in all the bottles of pills I swallowed..Thanks for your friendship, guidance, love and support and if I can help anyone else let me know.. right now I just keep posting and maybe I can inspire someone that a brighter day will come.. later my friends I must go to bed...maillady ps once before i posted i think about the same question as i have ask would i know when i was at the right dose and your replys was when I didnt feel withdrawls anymore or stop at the dose that i wouldnt go into wds..BUT is that the end all answer? meaning I dont feel wds when taking just 8mg..but he raised it to 16 to cover PAIN issues that regular over the counter pain meds dont help and arthritis drugs werent helping enough either so he added the other 8 mainly for pain issues.. my main question here is Do You Agree with the Drs thinking about how to solve this pain issue???? With this dose of 16 IT definately solved the pain issue.. I am free of pain, functional, work everyday, clear head, happy...BUT am afraid in the LONG RUN it is setting me up to be deeper in meds so its like exchanging a good thing but a bigger problem will arise as a result..down the road..only God knows when...and That reality keeps me from going with the flow and just enjoying the Good life I have at the moment!!! I am happy for things being so good for you now Heath!! and Gregg and Mike , Nancy and all.. thanks...One month today! and what a change!!!
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Hi maillady, congratulations on one month!

When are you taking your Suboxone? Some people find that it disrupts their sleep if they take in the afternoon or later.

Are you splitting your dose to take advantage of the analgesic properties that generally last four to six hours? That seems to be the best way to take it if it helps pain. 2 to 4mg every four to six hours.

I hope that helps and you can sleep well tonight.

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That seems to be the best way to take it if it helps pain. 2 to 4mg every four to six hours.

Wow. This is exactly the regimen I settled on and seems to be the best one so far. I try to stcik to a total of 6mgs per day. Sometimes I feel the need for another mg or two. I literally 'spilt' my doses as I split the pill in 1/2 keeping the unused 1/2 ((seperated from the rest of the pills) for the next dose. This coincided with what my Doc found to be true with other patients - 6mgs total per day.
I like the 1/2 pill at a time because my system experiences less of a 'jolt' then with the full 2mgs.
'Jolt' defined as ??? Well, sometimes I get dizzy, sometimes groggy, sometimes 'spacey'. Minor but still in all I feel better minimizing these as much as possible. Again, this is just me - I'm not advising anyone else to alter their Doctors orders. It just hit me that my doctor shared the above with me after I told him what I suspected/judged to be the best for me and then I come across almost the exact same thing posted by Nancy. There must be something to it right ? Maybe ??
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PS - When I say I 'suspected/judged' (above) its because I'm tired and not explaining myself well. I just want to make clear - I don't 'tell' my doctor anything. I share my thoughts and 'insights' with him. He has rejected some of them, accepted others but, in the end, he makes the final call. Just wanted to be clear 'bout that ! :-)
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Hi Maillady, I had the same problem with waking up every single hour! I'm on day 11 of suboxone. The first 6-7 days I woke up every single hour and then went right back to sleep. I started taking my pills (16mg total) earlier in the day and I sleep fine now. However, now I have another problem - I am so damned tired in the morning and early afternoon that I spend most of my time trying to figure out how to stay awake. I'm fine if I'm moving around! I can get up and awalk for miles or clean the whole house, but if I am sitting at my desk (which is what I do for a living!) then I am battling staying awake!. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to take the dose so this doesn't happen and yet not have the problem waking up at night too? I called my doctor but she really isn't much help with these types of questions and she probably won't call me back until tomorrow.

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Hope you don't have to drive any distance either ! I did have the same problem. would fall asleep right in the middle of meetings - dead asleep ! Talk about embarrassing. I'm gonna sound like a broken record here but the only thing that helped was to lower my dose. No longer an issue.
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