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Well you know what I mean. Hey the men luv me😁
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Glad you're almost done with the training (well, unless you've come to like it...)

The beach does sound nice. Hope you can enjoy that part!
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Hi LD,

Baked any cakes lately? I'm eating my tea-bread right now, thinking of you and everyone else here, and wondering how you are over there across the Atlantic ocean? How was your day?

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Hi SD, I got a groupon for 3 facials at a beauty school and got one today. they are nice, it took me years to ever think I deserved a beauty treatment and now I get one, ever so often, but try to be very kind and grateful Then I was upset about hearing about a friend who's dad is very ill with cancer and wish I could help him get better. Then I went shopping after work after exercising at work for like 40 minutes and left early because I worked real late yesterday at that nursing home training stuff. Now, I ate a bunch of cookies, I didn't have sugar for a cake but would have made one.I got some almond flour too. Millie, I feel somewhat better with the training, now, just a little.... thanks!
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Good morning my sweetest, dearest Lost Dog. Bright blessings to you.

How busy are you?! Lots of really good stuff in there. I like the fact you can see looking after you, your heart and soul can be done as simply as allowing and enjoying the small pleasures in life.

I am so glad you are feeling better about things. It is also extremely brave when you, me, anyone is struggling often at others hands with their problems, to find a way out by working hard and keeping going says a great about the Captain of your ship....that's for sure.

I hope feelings of well being are with you today.

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to you sweetest, dearest Lost Dog
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