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Thanks everyone.

I'm currently dealing with some nasty mood swings. This has been going on for over a week now. I'm not sure what is causing it, but I have a doctors appointment coming up so if it hasn't let up by then I will discuss it with him.

This roller coaster ride of moods, (most of them being angry, irritable, sad, or numb), has really got me thinking.

Of course I'm craving something that will temporarily take away the pain. While the thought of alcohol still makes my stomach turn, other forms of relief look appealing. I don't plan on going that route, but I want to write down a couple of thoughts while they are fresh in my mind.

We all have something we automatically reach for when times get tough, whether it be alcohol, drugs, etc. Perhaps just mentally denying that the issue is going on by flipping on the T.V. or playing a game on the computer.

But how dare we cop out of dealing with life as it comes? Who the hell do we think we are to attempt to skip over the hardships of life and experience only pleasure? Without our tough times, we are nothing. The battles that I have walked through and the demons that I have faced are the reason I am strong today. If I could go back and just miss all of those battles, I wouldn't do it.

Missing out on the struggles of life cannot bring happiness, only mediocrity. True happiness lies on the other side of the battlefield. We must also not forget that beyond that happiness lies another battlefield.

Life will continue to throw disappointments, tragedies, emotional chaos, and turmoil our way. We must learn to be at peace in the midst of the battle, knowing that when it is over, a stronger, smarter, better equipped person will rise from the ashes.
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congrats buddy. Thanks for sharing your great story- an inspiring one.
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