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Default Where am I?

I am as fragile as a piece of glass. I am scared to watch certian things on TV, go out, and so many other things. I didn't realize it until last nite when I was watching TV and one of those "Intervention" shows came on. It was just like a "trigger." I am on medication and seeing a doctor twice a week right now and have the full support of my family (once again). But I did not realize how vulnerable I am. I have an appointment with the mental health facility in my area in April for counciling. I am so glad to have the information about this help. I have been to rehab before and was serious about it but I went back to my old "playground." Thank each and everyone of you for your time and patients with me.
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Hi Roxie, welcome. Congratulations for taking the steps to put your addiction into remission. That's great that you're going to your doctor. What type of medication are you taking, if you don't mind my asking?

The more support you can surround yourself with, the better. Do you go to any group meetings at all?

Again welcome. This forum is a little slower than the alcohol and opioid ones, but there are people who do come by and they're all very supportive.

Keep us posted on how you're doing.

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Hi Roxie,

Welcome, sorry I didn't see your post sooner. I hope you're okay and want you to know that even though this forum isn't very active, there is support here. NancyB and CarlyO are very supportive women who have really great resources to share. I don't check in as often as I should (bad me) due to schoolwork and stuff...but I'm here and can relate. I'm trying to structure my work week so that I can dedicate Mondays to everything-recovery-related...forums, reading, and an AA meeting tonight...I'm excited! I haven't been to one in way too long.

Anyway, I know what it means to feel fragile. It's good that you recognize it...treat yourself in such a way that you are mention that your family is supportive, you're seeing a doctor and will be going to counseling. Those are all blessings that a lot of recovering addicts/alcoholics don't are blessed! family didn't even know I was still alive when I was in rehab.

You mentioned that those intervention shows are a trigger for you...this may sound crazy, but for me they are a very effective repellant. I watch them, and for me, they serve as a strong reminder of where my addiction took me and where I could end up if I go back out. I am in no way saying watch way...not if they're a trigger. I just thought I'd share with you that someday you may find those shows help you rather than trigger you. I can clearly recall times in the past where if I had watched something like that it would have been a trigger for me too. Today, I see a little bit of me in each and every alcoholic/addict they profile.

Hope you have an awesome dopeless day,

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hey roxie- this is my 1st time posting,but have been reading everyones stories for @ a wk now. i do have alot to share w/everyone & alot of help to ask for, but i just had to respond to yours now.i know exactly what you mean @ the intervention show. the 1st time i watched it, i was on the wagon so to speak & felt confident @ not relapsing, and had no problem watching it.(i guess those were my good days). then out of nowhere i watched it one night & had the biggest craving i had in a while. it was back & forth like that & i ended up relapsing & going on a 3 mo. bindge. to shorten this story, i had to step back & figure out what happened & i found that FOR ME,THAT SHOW IS OR CAN B A MAJOR TRIGGER(and it's due to what's going on in my life at the time). i was taught that there are so many different triggers & they are all different for everyone, but when we recognize that something even could b, we have to immediately turn from it , so the temptation isn't even there. So my advice to you is if that show triggered it once, you may wanna watch a comedy or whatever can take your mind off it IMMEDIATELY! The devil is so sneaky to use our weaknesses for his good. and i do agree w/DHF that it can b a possitive in someones life to remind them of where they dont want to b again. everyones different & you have to find what works for you.(this just works for me, i have been clean now,(from my DOC-COKE) for 3 yrs now.You say you are fragile,well i have to disagree. you seem like you have been making such wonderful choices in seeking all the help , counseling,etc. & i think you r a very strong person for that, because we all knw how hard it is to ask for just rem. when u feel tempted it is not u being weak, it is just the ole devil being aggravating, just stomp your feet, yell at him & rem. you are not alone,you have tons of support here from people who truly care & will b here for you.I'm proud of u & hang in there.
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