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Default Update* alanw

As some of you already know my suboxone doctor has been on my case for thc in my system, on my 1 YEAR CLEAN DATE I had an appt setup, so i walk in take a drug screen pay my bill and walk into the exam room where they take my vitals, but this time no vitals, the doc walks in and says i need emergency inpatient treatment for my thc habit! I tell him my last 3 screens were lower and lower each time but he doesnt want to hear it, that or his heads so far up his *COUGH* that he cant hear me! So anyway i tell him ive been clean exactly one year from illicit opiates, he says good job now leave my practice, no rx nothing! So now im stuck at 3 strips everyother day and no meds, i start thinking about what im going to do so i dont w/d, i start pulling up numbers in my phone to obtain any opiate possible! A couple people said theyd help me out but suddenly my sobriety kicked in and i thought to myself "do i really wanna go back down this path? Do i really wanna hurt my loved ones"? No i do not! So i gained some courage and told these people to get lost, my body was aching so bad i just went straight home instead of working ( landscape supervisor) For a moment i thought theres no way i can do this, i decided to see if i could make a new appt with a new doc and submitted my info for sub matching system, and 20 minutes later i recieve 4 replys in my inbox, its friday so i know it gonna be a heck of a weekend. No one answered so i left each one a msg, and on monday i had 2 appts scheduled for wednesday ( 6 days w/o) plus i had to work 10 hour days this whole week, luckily on monday night i found a spare strip on my coffee table! I let that thing dissolve for about 60 minuts lol. Luckily that took all my crappy w/ds away but i still had tuesday and weds morning to worry about! Well i made it to weds morning and wasnt very optimistic at the time and VERY VERY SICK, i go into the office of my new doctor and fill out everything and learn that after insurance my copay is only 30$/visit, my lst doc 120$/visit so already i was feeling better, i go back and the nurse assures me that the doc is caring and very nice, which he was, he tells me he can make $$$ off me and rx me sub for 5 years or he can treat me and make changes together, so he found the root of my pain (heavy backpain) and came up with a great plan of action, he rx'd me 1 1/2 sub/day along with a general muscle relaxer for bedtime, and he also informed me of another route to take once i decide to quit which was once a month injection of naxelene. He also asked me what would i do if i was stranded on an island for 6 months WITHOUT ANY OPIATES and i said id enjoy paradise! He basically made me think out of the box to eventually change my behavior which no doctor has ever attempted! This combo has ABSOLUTLY helped me more then ever! And right off the bat its 1 visit per month appts!

For those of you out there who are being swindled by another doctor: please realize you HAVE options out there and you dont have to take judgement or abuse to seek help! Its our right as humans to find what works best for us and only you know! I wish i would have done this sooner or started my treatment with this new doctor because i have come further in that one appt then i ever did in the entire year of seeing dr quack! The pateint matching system works immedialty and it give you alternate options , so always know theres other people who truely care about your well being rather then paying your balance every appt!

And w/o this site and all of you i wouldnt have made it this far! Take care and godbless for tomorrow will be a better day!
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Wow I'm so glad this has worked out for you!

So what are you doing about the weed? Did you talk about it at your appt?

I tried to search NAABT for a sub doc but there's none for my area- when I started sub almost 2 years ago there was one dr within 200+ miles prescribing and now there's 4- so at least I might have other options if I choose...

My dr is touted as a "respected addictionologist" but he also gives me bad info (other info is spot on, like he knew that a lot of people had trouble tapering below 2 mg)- when I looked him up on healthgrades or whatev when I first started I found he'd been sanctioned by the medical board- it didn't say what exactly for but it did list the conditions of his reinstatement- he could be prescribed no narcotics and must go to counseling and support meetings- so yeah I'm thinking he's a former addict (his sanction was over 20 years ago)...

Good luck with your new dr- I'm glad you're finding the help you need! Hopefully I can get my situation fixed as well (I'm on day 4 no subs and feeling ....well, you know what I'm
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Hi Alan, glad to hear everything worked out for you. Sounds like you found a great doctor who cares about you as a whole. It sounds like you'll be better prepared with him for when you're ready to taper and ready to live medication free.

The monthly injection your doctor spoke about is of naltrexone, an opioid antagonist, meaning that it will block all opioids from reaching the receptors. Naltrexone also comes in pill form, so you can weigh your options - especially the price if insurance doesn't cover it. The injection, last I heard, was in the $700 range. The pills are generic. There are pros and cons just like with any medication. Just be sure when that time comes that you do your research.

Congratulations on a year also!

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Sounds like you got a good one-Yea! I hear of so many bad ones. My first was excellent for the first year and a half as he let me taper at a very slow rate (I actually went faster then he wanted me to because the big jumps had no effect) The out of the blue!, "sorry but you have to find another doctor, next month will be the last" Which was a two month window so not like he dropped me that day! But still it sucked. He told me he has a great career (he is a psychairtrist) and did not need the hassle the DEA was putting on him as per "paperwork" which to be fair to him, they did increase.

I had already saved about 4 months worth already as he was giving me like 12mg a month and I was taking by then like 4mg a day (saved the rest Whew!) So I ended up with just about what I needed but I did get a new pain doctor who wrote my final few months at 2mg.then 1mg then crumbs!

Anyway back on after a year off because of chronic pain but have no problem at all with that. I was off over a year when I decided I needed it again

So, what's with the THC? maybe I missed the point? Do you still like weed? not judging just curious, Heck if weed worked as a pain killer for me ( I know it helps ome just not me) I'd be smoking it I suppose. Then again, being sober 24 years and in AA I'd be concerned about feeling guilty but it is a mute point as it does not work on my pain.

God bless and please fill me in on the THC part

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Never mind Alan

I went back to other post's and see where you are at with the THC. As I said, I have no issue with it generally. For my sake I feel I'd at least like to see how I felt off of all mood altering substances then, choose to go back to the weed if I found it was not an additional issue of concern.

Yeah I agree with SoCal's take on the weed-"We aint' robbing anyone to get weed money like when on dope" or something to that effect. I mean, I'm an alcoholic and if I could drink a few beers, get a buzz then go home-Hey! I'd be down the corner store getting a few pints. however, being an alcoholic, I know one will lead to me lying in the gutter! So, if a person can puff a little and not have a problem in one's work or social functioning, then so what enjoy!

But as i said, for me I'd like to be free of all "stuff" first to make a clear "baseline" decision. so God bless and best of luck whatever path you choose.

Glen AKA Da' Swan
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Did you just ransfer or did you have to induct again and what about the weed. Was that something you talked to your new Dr about. While I am not at all surprised what happened to you regarding your other healthcare provider(and I use that phrase very lightly with tongue in cheek) it is a smae that you went to you appt and he just flat out cut you off of Sub. Sure some Sub Drs don't want their patients using other certain type of drugs. Some forbid the use of Valium and some Sub Drs actually prescribe it along with Sub. I may can understand why a Dr would want a patient off THC given it is an illicit drug and they are beholding to the DEA. But THC is not something you work on in the context of taking Sub for opiate dependence or addiction.

I can see why some Drs would want you to work at getting off of the THC, which apparrantly you were doing according to your drug screens, but for your DR to walk in to the exam room and say to you" no more Sub for you" like the soup Nazi on the Jerry Seinfeld show, well that is ludacris. To have any Dr to cut a patient off Sub like that often accomplishes the worst of all outcomes. Which in your case could have been an increase in THC use to cope with Sub wds and when that wasn't enough, to seek out the type of opiates that brought you to the Sub Dr in the first place.

Good job on finding another Dr. It could have gone in a totally different direction and you know that I'm sure. So thank your lucky stars. That Dr that cut you off, my bet is, never gave you another thought but he has no idea, nor seems to care, just what he put you through and how things could have turned out much worse for you. But I am really glad things seem to be working out better for you, money wise and MD(medical disaster) wise.

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glad everything worked out for you! everything happens for a reason hopefully this time it didnt stress you out to badly.
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My new doc never urine screened me so i didnt tell him, when i didnt have sub during the transition i had used alot of thc to combat w/ds. It just relaxes me and gives me energy, sometimes ill stop for a week or a month just depends.

My new doc didnt induct me, he just said what his take on sub was and that was it 100% stress free, didnt contact my old doc or anything, for once someone actually believed me!

Anyways yesterday at work i pulled a muscle or something in my lower back, it hurts when i turn my neck and any strain is pain! Took a day off so hopefully tomorrow im back! Im so glad sub is becoming a popular method of treating opiate addiction, as it is easier to find a good honest specialist these days! I just hope everyone out there learns something from me, afterall i usually learn the hardway!

Thanks for all the kind words! You guys are great people and mean alot to me!


Alan w
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