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LOL, you know Heath, that's the exact thought I had during my first few "unsuccessful attempts"! I'd sit, strain, then think of Elvis and assume that's what took him out. Which is NOT how I want to leave this world. Dead on the crapper with my pants around my ankles... oh, and with my family and friends finding cabinets full of empty pill bottles! LOL. But the more I thought about it, the more convinced I was that's gotta be what happened to The King, no doubt. What a way to go, huh?

Butt, back on topic... I did finally have success Wednesday night. I took 4 Dulcolax every day since last Friday (stool softener, not laxative... WTF am I talking about this? =), with no results to write home about, then drank a bottle of that clear, citrussy liquid laxative Tuesday night. Then about 24 hours later... it happened. I drove home from work with the nervous anticipation of a virgin driving to pick up his prom date, knowing THAT night was going to be the night. Good lord, I thought I was going to have to sell my house and move! I was so proud. I almost called my mother to tell her about it.

But now it's been two more days since then, with no glory. That CAN'T be good. It's stressful as hell just thinking about how much literal GARBAGE is just sitting there in your body. But then again, I have barely been eating ANYTHING since I started Sub over two weeks ago... I am trying to keep an eye on that too... just one MORE thing to stress about! But at least I'm not walking around with a week's worth of three Big Mac's a day in me. Has anyone else lost their appetite for that long when starting Sub? Right, as if anyone has made it this far through this crappy post! (all puns intended =). Could it be a "circular" problem? Meaning I don't feel like eating (whether it's physical or mental) because I am not "regular"... then I am not regular because I am not eating anything?

Sorry for all the potty talk... but it helps. And there's just NO POLITE WAY to talk about this! =) Any additional advice for either issue would be appreciated.
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Oh, and about my lack of appetite. I have been eating some. But have only really wanted to eat maybe twice in two+ weeks. There's no nausea. No upset stomach, in either direction... just no appetite. There's no better way to put it!

I am getting maybe 1000-1500 calories a day, but it's a struggle to get that much, and some days I only get maybe 500. I am 5-11, 195 lbs (slowly dropping), athletic male. My overall health SEEMS OK... I am taking lots of vitamins, fish oil, and working out, etc. Energy is OK... much better than when I was eating probably 1500 calories worth of Oxy per day! LOL

My hope is that a whole bunch of you will reply and say it will pass in a couple of weeks, and that I should just take advantage while I can to get into better shape for summer. So???
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Hi bap41543, I LOVE your sense of humor! But on a more serious note, did you look that constipation thread? Are you drinking enough water and when you are eating, eating enough fruit and leafy green veggies? It could be a cause and result with your appetite - not eating because you're not moving it through so you don't want to eat too much. NurseJoan swears by the warm glass of prune juice with a 'shot' of milk of magnesia, that might be worth trying.

What dose of Suboxone are you taking now? How are you feeling with that?

I'm also going to copy these last few posts to the side effects forum, just so someone reading there and here will see it.

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