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Hey guys, just checking back in. I am now 4 months clean. It is a work in progress but I am loving every step of it. Accomplished the first goal I have had in a very, very, VERY long time--passed my first semester with a 3.5. I would have never been able to do this when I was high all the time because I never even showed up to class. It's definitely a good feeling. The bupe has helped tremendously. I am truly glad I took this step in my life because I have heard about many people overdosing, some close within the circle of friends that I have. And it's really sad. And it impacts so many people than you would think. If anyone has a problem, please get help. Talk to someone. Voice your hurt. But please don't withold it. You might just be cheating yourself of your life. I know it is embarrassing. I know the stigma of the word "junkie" is a terrible one. But it isn't worth losing a life. Especially people who are just in their early 20s, who have just barely started making a name for themselves. I hope everyone is having a good night. I am sending out good energy to everyone and anyone who is sober and/or hurting. Stay strong. Keep on the good fight.
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Hi LolitaX, congrats on 4 months!! That's so fabulous.

Thank you so much for encouraging people to get help. As you said, it can be embarrassing because of the stigma attached, but it's a medical condition - nothing to be embarrassed about!

I hope many people see your words and it helps them to get help.

Very proud of you! Keep up the great work!

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