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Default being a addict sucks

I been on subs for almost a year.. it all started when I was 15 yrs old. started doing oxycotin 40 and 80s every weekend. that turned out to be every morning after a few months.. it was to expensive for that.. Then I meet my wife now of 34yrs and not long after that we need about a methadone clinic opening close to home. oh my wife had the same problem I had.. anyway so it sounded sweet bout gettin in the clinc. as we was in the program the doctor kept asking how's your dose and as a addict my dose ended up at 90mgs a day.. the consler first told us this is a short term we will get u a stable dose and in a bit will start slowly dropping dose.. well that never happened. as long as,we had my $ for the methadone it was ok.. we ended up there from 2000 - 2012.. I was only 18 yrs old.. I was going once every two weeks.. well on Dec 20 2012 i was on my way to get dosed and pi k up my 2 weeks of doses I get pulled over by the cops for speeding and a possien charge .. so went to jail fri,sat,sun,mon,tues,Wed. sat was my daughter's birthday and the Monday and Tuesday was Christmas and Christmas eve so no judge could see me... so i I got bonded out wed and was on my search to find help.. while waiting for appt I started back on methadone just a bit to get bye.. And here we r.. what a journey in life.. being a addict sucks... But There is a reason for evrything.. God was and is with me. I should be dead in jail r divorced.. thought I would share a piece of my life
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Default Thor1983

Good post and welcome...I have been in your situation a few times and yes it does suck...but through it all here you(we) are- still living and not in jail!! I did close to 30 years inside looking out and everybody gave up on me as just one of those who couldn't quite get it( Sobriety) make a long story short I was arrested for robbing a pharmacy about 7 years ago and at my age of then(55) that was a hurt piece!
I did a couple of years and was in a halfway house and got on Suboxone and I haven't looked back- my life is good these days and I am still on Suboxone .
Here is my message to you Thor1983: stay determined and take your meds as your suppose to and try and get a little counseling every so often or join a support group that don't discriminate because you take meds for your disease.
Your doing good and keep us posted on your progress- were all here for the same reason my friend...stay strong!
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