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Default Lost my Subutex Dr

I have been going to the Indiana Health Group in Carmal Indiana for around 3 years to get off of opiates. So my first Dr was a woman and she seemed like she was far off somewhere when I had my appt, but she started me out on 8 mg of Suboxon 1 tab 3x day and I have diabetes, before I started going there my blood sugar was good, then I started the Suboxon and my blood sugar went real high like up to 600 so I had to take insulin to get it down, I was also on a half mg of clonazepam 2x day but she wanted me off of it she said it would kill me taking both Suboxon and that together, but when I first called down there to try to get in I asked if any of the Drs let you take clonipin with Suboxon and they said yes. So I told her that I needed to stay on my colonipin because I have PTSD and I have severe panic attacks so i she was not going to let me take both together. So I asked if I could see another Dr and they told me yes , so I talked to him about me taking colonipin and he let me take it and also he put me on subutex because I told him about my blood sugar going way high. So he was prescribing me 8 mg 1 pill 3xday and a half mg of colonipin 3x day and lyrica and Zoloft, and this went on each month for around 2 1/2 years. So this September he said he was leaving the practice and he said he would refer me to another Dr at the same practice, I asked him if they might change my meds and he promised me no because I had not had to take insulin anymore I was doing great, but about a year and a half back the front office said that if I was going to take subutex I had to have a reason why and have it documented, so I went to my diabetes Dr and she said that taking Suboxon was causing my blood sugar to go up and I had to take insulin but by me taking subutex I never had to take insulin anymore and my body was producing some insulin, so I took the letter down to my Sub Dr and he put it into my file he said that was proof enough. But back to him leaving in September of this year he also said not to come down ther for my appt in October, he said when my meds ran out for the month to call back down there and tell them to call me in all of my refills and they did. So when November came up I did not have enough money for my appt the Drs don't except insurance it's cash only but they called my same meds in to a store close to me. So I had my December appt on the 21st but on the 20th the nurse called me and said that the new Dr looked over my file and he wants me back on Suboxon and I cannot take my colonipin anymore plus he stopped my lyrica too, and I told her that the Suboxon was causing my blood sugar to go high but she said that if I did not want to do what the Dr told me that she would give me 1 months supply of my meds release me and I would have to find another Dr that would let me take what my old Dr was giving me. I told her that my old Dr promised me that you would not mess with the meds I was taking with him, and she said that he said that to all of his patients, so I have to take my colonipin and My Zoloft and subutex but I am very upset that the Indiana Health Group is doing this to me I did not do anything wrong and now it's scaring me because I need to find a Dr that will prescribe me all of those meds, but when he put me on colonipin 3xday I only took it 2xday so I have around 209 colonipin in a bottle. But can this new Dr change my meds when my old Dr promised me that they would not, also in November they had to get my subutex preautherized for me so my insurance would pay for it and if they New that the Dr was going to change my meds they had almost 21-2 months to tell me plus when it got preautherized they colhavsad ath. I want to make them let me take what my old Dr promised me that they would not change because I was doing so well taking them. I have tried to call lawyers and the one said that I had a case but they done bigger cases than mine . I am so upset now that they are doing this to me just 4 days before Christmas. So does anyone know if I can do anything about this because I cannot find a new Dr they are full or they only give out Suboxon please let me know if I can force them into it because I have that document saying that Suboxon made my blood sugar go way high and my old Dr Promised me that they would not change my meds and where I am from a promise is a promise I really need help I am thinking of trying to buying my scripts online because that is my only choice right now
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Hi VeryUpset, welcome. I'm sorry of the problems you're having. While it doesn't seem fair or ethical of the group to not continue the meds your prior doctor prescribed, I do not know the legal aspects of it.

Have you asked your diabetes doctor if he/she can call your new doctor to explain why you should continue those medications?

Have you seen this thread with ways to find a doctor?

One other thing, call your insurance company and see if you can be reimbursed for the doctor's appointments you paid for yourself.

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