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Red face Twitches, Spasms, and Miserable from Joanie

Hello, all...
I am still writing for my sister Joanie, who is just finishing day nine of Suboxone. It started out really wonderful, but as the days passed, her anxiety kept mounting. Finally we called the Suboxone phone number and spoke with a nurse. She told us to call the doc right away, because abruptly stopping benzos after 21 years could place Joanie in "dire straits." Called the doc and she reluctantly said ok "1 mg" twice a day. Within 45 minutes the spasms, twitching, and nervousness was gone! So, there is the culprit...not the suboxone . That's good news! The second thing is Joanie's mood...she was becoming an uber-biatch and actually being hurtful in the things she said. All of that has gone away, as well. She stopped the Klonopin two nights before she went on Sub, so it was hard to differentiate between opiod withdrawal and benzo withdrawal.
Since the Klonopin stays in the system longer, she felt better immediately with the Sub. However, that was replaced four days later with ever-increasing symptomology. On another post, the discussion of Klonopin really helped, and Joanie was terrified she would go into respiratory failure (the real risk of mixing benzos and sub) until she started reading y'alls comments. Thank you for that.
She sees the doc on Thursday, so hopefully, she will have regained her sanity completely by then. What a ride this has been!!!!
Rejoice in this day, this moment. This is all we have.
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Hi katsupport, that's so good to hear that Joanie is doing better. Yes, stopping benzos cold turkey is never recommended. Hopefully now that that's under control, it will be a lot easier for her (and for you!) from here on out.

She's very lucky to have you as her sister and great support.

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My sub dr made me quit benzos cold turkey and it was awful!!
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Oh and welcome!!!
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Glad your sister's Dr did the right thing. I agree, there are too many scary things about benzos and suboxone on the internet. Taken as they are intended, it is comletely safe. The problems, as I'm sure you know now, are when the two are shot up. Anything is pontentially dangerous when shot up anyhow, so that shouldn't be a surprise to people. Anyhow, I also am prescribed a benzo, I would only add that several hours should be placed between doses. Taking the two together or too closely can produce and altered state, I won't call it a high, but it will definately change how you feel. I made that mistake early on, it wasn't a good time.
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My anxiety and depression is also getting worse as time goes on while on suboxone.....I am also having bad spasms that actually hurt me due to arthritis right before I fall keeps waking me up and prevents me from ever going to sleep
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I have had a horror story with benzos as well as 'Z" drugs (sleep pills like ambien)

I believe we all WD at diferent levels but for me was real hell for many months. The key is to taper like it is with all drugs. A switch to valium helped as it has a long halflife and eases WD for some.

God bless and good luck as one tapers the benzos

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