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Default need some advise please!!!!

Hi Everyone , I'm new. I have been checking the posts for side effects and don't see anyone experiencing mine. I have been on sub since the middle of Oct 09. I take 4mgs per day, one 2mg in the morning and one 2mg at about 5:00pm. Cravings and wd were under control and I wasn't having any side effects at all until the beginning of Dec. I too get that high wasted feeling and get extremely sleepy right after the melt. I can handle that however the most worrisome thing for me is since Dec I feel as though I am unable to control my legs. It got so extreme I went to my primary care doc and upon exam she discovered the reflexes in my legs were hyper reflexive. She set me for tests MRI of my brain to check for ms or tumor. Test came back neg . So just for a kick I skipped two days of my sub. Guess what the symptoms subsided. The problem is after the half life wore off I was having cravings and wd feelings all over again. I had mentioned this to the doc that writes my sub script and she said she never heard of that before. I am sorry for the long post. I would welcome any and all insight.

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Hi kickyboy18, welcome. I've not heard of that side effect before, but since it subsided when you stopped the Suboxone, have you thought about or talked with your doctor about reducing your dose? The sleepiness is generally a sign that a patient can try a dose reduction. You might find that even a small reduction would make you feel a lot better.

Thought I'd throw that out there.

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Thanks Nancy for the advise I'll try anything at this point.

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