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Default headaches, depression

My son has been on generic subutex for almost a week now, yeah! He is still in the danger zone emotionally but hanging in there. He is overwhelmed by the guilt and shame of the things he did to get drugs ie selling items that did not belong to him. He is so shocked, now that he has a clear head, about the severity of his relapse. Now that he has experienced such extreme lows in his behavior and use, he realizes his extreme vulnerability and fears for his future. It is taking so much physical and emotional energy to deal with the feelings, shame, guilt and fear that he is not sure he can keep it up for the rest of his life
. In the past, he would bounce back from a relapse but this time, he is horrified by what he has done to himself and others. Re the physical, he is taking 8 mgs a day but having headaches. Do these eventually go away? (he is on the generic so I am surprised.) His self worth is in the toilet. I remind him one day at a time but each day is so difficult. He is not having cravings just extreme self reproach and depression.
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Hi gina, first thing to check is that he's drinking enough water. Opioids can suppress the thirst mechanism, so he has to be mindful of staying hydrated. Even slight dehydration can cause headaches.

Has he found a therapist? He needs to find non-destructive ways to deal with all of these realizations that are coming to light. The past is the past - he can't change it. He'll only make things worse if he keeps focusing on what he can't change. He should redirect his energy on getting help so that he can make the future better.

How are you doing??

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Hey gina,
I agree with Nancy that he needs to redirect his energy. Maybe he can pick up a hobby such as playing guitar, etc. I had the same experience with the depression when I first started my suboxone treatment but I realized what was making it worse was that I was constantly sitting around doing absolutely nothing. You should look into taking him out on occasion for some mom and son bonding trips. Also i think you should look into getting him both a psychologist and a psychiatrist. In my situation the drug use cause some inbalances in my serotonin levels (hence the depression) so i am now on anti-depressants which r definitely helping with my depression and anxiety and also the doctor can prescribe him some form of benzodiazepine(xanax, clonopin, ativan) to help with his anxiety. As long as he takes them how he is suppose to they can work wonders with gettin you out of the hole of depression. BUt most importantly get him a therapist that specializes in drug abuse. He may be a little embarrassed or reserved to tell you certain things that he would open up about to a therapist. Just a few suggestions, hope all works out and let me know how it all goes :-)
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I found that headaches are very common with sub spitting out the sludge or no spitting, but they eventually go away. They can get pretty severe too. I take 2-3 motrin for my regular headaches and that doesn't even touch the sub headaches. When I went to my sub doctor, on the 2nd visit, she asked how the headaches were. I never told her I had them, so she must see a lot of sub patients who get headaches.
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His depressioon could be a way for him to feel bad about his recovery or to "prove you wrong" I hope not and I hope that he's doing great! I bet you are soooooo happy that he finally started! Good for him..... and you!
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