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Default Bupe and weight gain/ overeating

Any notice that their appetite increases HUGELY when taking or first taking bupe?

I've been on for 3 1/2 weeks now and my appetite is bigger than I ever remember it being in my life. I've gained 20 lbs. this month alone-- the quickest I've ever gained that kind of weight. And I feel like I'm still hungry even after five full meals per day.

Does anyone else notice a tendency toward weight gain? What about extreme weight gain? Constant hunger?

This post goes arm in arm with my last one about starting a gym routine immediately.
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I recalled that when I first started, abk in early 2007, but since then all I get is loss of appetite. I'm lucky if I get in one meal a day. Altho chocolate is something I still can't resist. Thought I remember other posters equating sub with increased desire for sweets. Sorry that doesn't answer your question, I'm sure more experiences will be along to show some kind of comparison.

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I've had the same effect. A definite increase in appetite but not so much weight gain. I was blessed with a fast metabolism though.
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I gained 40 pounds too, and eat more.I am also on Cymbalta though. I guess I would like to not have gained the weight, but I am healthier now than I was without it.The constipation is from Sub, most likely.
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I started on Sub, in November of 2005. I have gained thirty pounds since that time. They keep saying it's not a side effect of sub, but I've never had a weight problem, until I went on the med.

I think the combination of increased sweets cravings and the chronic constipation, (and consequential slow down of food processing), make it clear that indeed there is a connection.

But, what can you do? I plan to start tapering down in the next few months, and I have a feeling that when I get to 2mg, the weight will probably start coming off, and that I will be able to go to the bathroom again!
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I must be in a small percentage of people who lose while on Suboxone, I have lost to date almost 60 lbs. I noticed when I started on Suboxone my energy came back so I got off my but instead of being in a room all alone eating and watching TV. I now get outside, garden, walk and I jsut started a DVD of Kickboxing because I noticed that I need to tighten up some areas. I also eat a lot healthier too, I dont eat out I but salads and veggies and dips and this year out of my garden I made fresh Salsa so all in all I think I am a lot more healthier then when I was taking over 40 percocet's a day.

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I have been one of the unfortunate ones. I have craved chocolate so much since I started sub in May. It has gotten so bad that I go to the store to stock up on my Mr.Goodbars! I have gained about 10 pounds since I started! Sucks to be me

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Mine isn't a problem of cravings, it's just constant hunger. I wake up hungry as all hell in the middle of the night. Even eating mostly fruits and vegetables isn't helping much due to the fact I'm always eating.

Plus, I'm not constipated in the slightest. In fact, I'm quite the opposite. When I was using I noticed some amount of constipation, but that seems to have lessened considerably with buprenorphine.
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Are you male or female. It seems to make a difference. Something to do with a womans homones.

Even the women I knew when I was on the Methadone Clinic, I noticed many women gained anywhere from 30-50 lbs in 3-6 months. However, Suboxone doesn't seem to cause the weight gain that methadone causes, from what I have observed with women on Suboxone

Also, is Suboxone the only medication you are on. On you on any type of benzodiazepine. Sub and benzo's seem to create a hell of an appetite, even for me, however, for some reason I don't gain weight, in fact I've lost 13 lbs to 199, and I am a male. I have type II diabetis and take Metformin and Glucotrol, and today in a diabetis class the Nurse who ran the group, said Metformin can cause weight gain.

Also if the Suboxone has caused a sedentary life style, opposed to your life style before, that could be a reason. I have a bicycle, and ride it everywhere, and never take the bus. Bicycling is a good exercise and there are many bike paths, that are beautiful, the trees, the birds and it's fall. Nice time to get out there and bike.

Just a thought,


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I'm a man, just turned 33 years old.

I started bupe a little over 3 weeks ago at 6'1"225, now I'm up to 250. In 3 weeks, I gained 25 pounds. I have never had that kind of weight gain in my life.

I'm not particularly worried about it, as I just finished my second day in the gym. Diets have never really done much for controlling my weight; for me, it's all about working it off. I'm sure the 25 lbs. will be gone by the beginning of December.

For what it's worth, I forgot what it feels like to work out. I was KO'd by addiction for 6 years, and even during methadone treatment, weighttraining is pretty much impossible. With a cvlinic only giving me one dose on 'done a day, if I worked out hard, I'd immediately metabolize my methadone and get sick an hour later.

With bupe, I feel great the whole way through and even afterwards. This is is the best I've felt physically in a long, long time.
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I too have gained weight and have a huge appetite....For me tho I think with all the stress going on in my life that eating and smoking have just naturally increased....I figure who cares.........(ps I really care...but don't tell anyone! wink! ) I would tell my sponsee when they first got sober and complained about weght gain that once your recovery lifestyle changed the weight would come off! ps IT ALWAYS DID! So I am taking my own advice....God has me right where I am supposed to be....Maybe down the road I am supposed to help someone or they me and this whole weight gain is part of the plan! It is just NOT the time to start turning my attention to wieght problems....Life is busy enough! Make sense???
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I didn't have a problem with weight gain. I actually lost some weight when I started the sub. It was just a little at a time, not quickly or anything. I did, however, have that craving for sweets! Hershey bars, M&M's, whatever I could get if those weren't available. While my chocolate things is still around, after 2.5 years of being on sub, it isn't as severe as it was. I still "need" sugar, but I like it in other forms, too, and will be happy if I can get smarties or something instead.
Perhaps you could just keep working out, and see how it goes. I would also maybe talk to your sub doctor about it, just so they are aware of things in case it could be caused by something else. Let us know how it goes!
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To gain 25lbs in 3weeks seems like a lot of weight. I never gained weight, but lost it, coming off methadone to Suboxone. It seems to me that methadone seems to swell the body and cause it to retain water. That might be something to look into, maybe for some reason your body is retaining water for some reason.

In my last post, I meant to say Metformin causes weight loss for me, not weight gain.

Everybody's metabolism is different and for some reason you are gaining this weight for some reason. You are not on any anti-depressants or anti-seizure meds. Zyprexa?, Seroquel?, or any other meds. If you take other meds, that could be the reason for such a rapid weight gain. 25lbs in three weeks, sure seems like a lot. It's like eating a gallon of ice cream everyday for three weeks, plus three good meals a day, and then napping after eating so many calories.

It is of interest to me, because I have to lose some more weight, so I can get my blood sugar under control.

Check out your other meds, and get checked for diabetis. The liver produces a lot of sugar with Type II diabetis. Just a thought.


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I wonder how much of people's weight gain is due to the change in lifestyle and not the subs. I am very new to subs--haven't been on it long enough to see what it does to my appetite. However, I know for me that I didn't eat a whole lot when I using. Now that I'm not using, I could see myself turnign to food as "comfort food" and in turn I'd gain weight, since I don't exercise. I have been on a lot of different medications for mental health stuff and I know some of them have had a big impact on my appetite--the cravings of sweets and carbs in general, so I have always had to pay attention. It will be interesting for me to see what I do now that I'm not using anymore. Just a thought
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Smile An annoying side effect for sure!

Aauugghh! I have this problem too. My appetite has returned in a big way! I have gained 10lbs in the last 3 weeks. I think that I am retaining water this week for other reasons, but I know that at least 7lbs of the 10 are true weight gain.

So... I have started a new exercise plan to help with this problem. Plus, I am sure it will help with the winter blues as well. If you think about it, most of us probably spent a lot of time popping pills rather than eating. And when we were hungry, we were worried about how a lot of food would effect our buzz.

The appetite returning is a positive sign, but I am going to try to keep the weight gain to a minimum to ward off other potential health problems in the future. Plus, I like my clothes and do not want to buy a new wardrobe and time soon.

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It has to be the sugar...It HAS to BE~!!!

When I started on Sub in Feb....I ate "adkins" type of diet......I lost weight like crazy.

I went off the high protien diet, and got my first taste of sugar and i have gained all that weight back, then some. I am so embarrassed.
I never ever ever craved i buy the premade ones at walmart (snickerdoodles) and i eat the whole damn package in one night.

I have to stop this insane way of eating. It is unhealty and sugar is terrible for you.

I need a sub~sugar pill.......PLEASE??????
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For me, I know that I am eating more junk now than I did when I was in active addiction. However, I think that it is because now that I don't have my pills covering my feelings/emotions, I'm starting to emotionally eat--it sucks! I did a diet last year (sim to atkins but with B-12 injections)-I lost 67 pounds and now have gained about 40 pounds back in the last 4 months and I know it is because I have started to eat rather than do drugs. I am trying to add exercise to my recovery program--just haven't gotten there yet.
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Default better appetite on subs

I have gained a little weight too.
But I have a lot better appetite now that i am on subs.
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Default Re: Better appetite on Subs and especially craving sugar

I don't know if it is the Subutex, but I am so addicted to Hot Tamales that it is not funny. I will buy 4 or 5 of the small bags from the gas station mini mart and eat them all right in my car. It is as though I have to have the sugar.

Two years ago, I was pumping Iron and was in very good shape, but I have gained about 40 pounds at least. Bummer.

That is the next big thing I have to work on.

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OH NO! I just asked this question a few minutes ago and found this thread. I struggled for several years to LOSE weight and now I find that my weight gain is from SUBOXONE???!!! Does it have to be this way?? I don't see my MD for a month; by then I may weigh 30 lbs. more than I do now, but I'm always hungry?? I'm SO upset...I need to go and cry now. I sort of wish I had cold-turkeyed after all, but I have the terrible cravings which need to be kept in check. What'll I do, besides feel sorry for myself??
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