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Default Tomorrow I stop the norco, then what??

Hi Everyone,
I hope to be off sub someday, maybe this time. But I'm not going to SUFFER terribly trying to become DRUGfree, when ADDICTION free is so happily achievable.
I know I keep changing my mind, but I hope most people can relate to this: I change my mind about sub/addiction/sobriety quite often. Sometimes I am prepared to stay on sub indefinitely, then a month passes and I want off. Next month, I'm good on sub, month after that, I'm on a fast taper... I figure so many things change, because WE are changing. The point of recovery is to CHANGE, so this should be no surprise.
So, I'm presently taking norco for gout pain (haven't had any subutex since last Friday) and I must admit I was thinking, Oh good, I can have a 'legal' buzz for a week or so, [cause I am taking the norco w/my sub doc's permission]. But it's not turned out that way. I don't like this opiated feeling, I MUCH MUCH prefer the clearheadedness of sub (thank God!). But I know the longer I stay on norco, the more I will grow to like it and get used to it again, and then I'm in the same boat as I was before...I have been through this cycle SO many times...
Anyway, tomorrow is my last day taking the norco (because I'm out; I only have 4 left) and then I'm gonna see what kind of withdrawals a week off sub will be like...hopefully I can handle it with valium and darvocet (from my sub doc, but NO clonidine, he didn't feel 'safe' prescribing that to me in a home setting because my BP is very low...) If not, I know the routine, and it's back on sub. Hopefully this time I will NOT go back to 16 mgs/day.I was stuck for months at 16 and it has felt really good (mentally) to have a break from the sub, just to show myself that it could be done.

Any suggestions to make this work, or at the very least, NOT to find myself stuck at 16 mgs again? I know the easy answer is, just don't take 16 mgs--I know that, any suggestions/hints on handling it when my mind wants more, when my crazy addict brain keeps telling me more will make me feel better? If you know what I mean, please answer??Thanks to all!! Sandra A.
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Hi Sandra, That would be fabulous if you did that. Maybe even knowing you have a safety net of sorts with having the bupe available IF all else fails will make it easier. You might not stress that much with that 'it HAS to work' type of thing.

If it doesn't and you want to go back to bupe, then how about cutting a pill into 1mg pieces and take that instead of the pieces that made up the 16mg day. You'd still be taking something during the day like you did when you went back up to 16, but it would be much lower, and eventually you might be able to cut one or more of those to .5 or eliminate one of the doses. But that way you stay at a low dose. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Sending good thoughts that you'll succeed with your current taper and won't need Plan B.

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Sandra, I agree with Nancy and I'm wishing you the best. Your outlook and mind set is wonderful. You have come a long, long way and I know your going to do great!

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Thank you Mike, Your support means a lot to me. We've ALL come a long long way!

Thank you Nancy, You are the best!!!
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