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Default Im currently preg

im currently 9 weeks preg and im seeing a docter who has me on methodone im trying despretly to get off she says im preg and i can not taper for the babys sake and i cant get off im looking for a docter who perscribes subutex they say its safe while preg does any one elce now any thing ? ADVICE?
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Hi racquelpixi, welcome. Have you spoken with your OB/GYN about the methadone?

Your doctor is correct about not tapering right now. Withdrawals could hurt your baby. Switching to buprenorphine may not be advisable either because you would need to be in withdrawals before you could start it; and methadone to buprenorphine transfers can be very tricky.

I honestly don't feel comfortable offering any advice because of your being pregnant - except that you should talk with your OB/GYN and, if you choose to switch to buprenorphine, make sure that doctor is extremely knowledgeable about methadone transfers and treating pregnant women.

Here's a thread with a lot of information that might be helpful in your research.

Again, welcome.

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