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Default I'm new at this

I just registered to have a Dr contact me regarding treatment with suboxone. There are very few Docs in this are that are permitted to treat with suboxone. I;ve researched other options and I just don't think I can handle the withdrawals. Everytime I make up mind I get about 12 hours into withdrawal symptoms and cave. All I know is I can't live like this anymore. My family doesn't even know I'm addicted to perscription pain killers. I can't even get tout of bed without some opiate to get me going. I hate myself and my addiction and I can't do it anymore...something has got to change
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hi there - I have only been on sub for one month and reasonably new to this forum but you will find a wealth of info on here and so much support it has become my "lifeline" at present.
Like you I was totally addicted to painkillers - first codeine they oxycontin. Like you I took codeine every morning before I even got out of bed to stop the withdrawal I was already in. I thought there was "no way out of the hell". I also tried to withdraw c/t and by tapering many times but would cave in around 3 days when it became intolerable.
Then I found this site and read all about subuxone treatment. I live in Australia so the protocols are a little different here. But I contacted the Drug and Alochol Centre and was referred to a Physician who had a lot of training in sub and is such a lovely man.
I did not believe that the w/d's would immediately vanish from these little pills - I did not believe I would ever be free of painkillers.
I started on sub after waiting for moderate withdrawal to kick in and within around an hour was feeling totally normal. Not high, not withdrawing and not craving anything. I could not believe it. I had to have some adjustments to my dose - I was on 8mg initially and nodding off a bit so it was lowered gradually to 4mg a day which I am now going great with. Best of all I don't want any codeine or oxy's. I don't even think about them in day to day life except to thank God I found the sub treatment. I intend to stay on it until I have received the appropriate mental healing and counselling in order not to ever regress and slip back to this terrible cycle. I'm starting sessions with a pyschologist next week who works very closely with my physician.
It is GOOD you hate your addiction. But there is no need at all to HATE yourself. You would be amazed if you knew how many people get themselves into this situation and how quickly a body can become totally addicted both physically and mentally.
I truly believe you are at the start of a fantastic journey. Please continue to use the forum and read all the procedural notes and the information which is extensive and so useful.
A lot of the people on here have been on sub for some time or have finished it and are totally cured - these people have such a wealth of knowledge and so much empathy for your situation - as do I.
Hang in there and when your appointment comes up just GO FOR IT. I can sincerely promise you it will be the first step to the rest of your life.
Hugs to you, Susan in Oz.
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Hi mom2kneedshelp and welcome. Please read our precipitated withdrawals sheet:

You only need to be in mild-to-moderate withdrawals before starting bupe and the sheet explains it.
On page 2, there is the Clinical Opiate Withdrawals Scale (COWS) that will help you to see how much WD you're in.

When is your appointment to start?

Congratulations on taking the steps to become addiction free.

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Hi again Mom2,
Nancy told you the most important info of where to look about the COWS scale - I used that to tell when it was a good time to take my first dose.
Ensure you ARE in mild to moderate WD before starting. If you think the doctor you see will induct you straight away make sure you haven't used any painkillers for say at least 12 hours before and if you are not suffering any W/D make sure he knows. You will find the link and the info Nancy has given you really helpful - I did!!!
Looking forward to hearing back from you as to when you start etc and then also when you do start you will probably have plenty of questions at first as I did!!! I will reiterate with you - you will be amazed at how good you feel after your first dose and it keeps getting better and better!!!!
Hugs from Susan in Oz.
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Hi mom2k, Welcome, I am sure you will get lots of support here. Induction can be scary, but As Nancy says, you just have to be in mild to moderate withdrawal, it really is not that bad. If you go back and read other inductions, you will see that fear of the "unknown" was the worst part for a lot of people.
For me, I tapered down as much as I could, then the night before my induction, I took my last dose, and something to sleep- so I was able to sleep through the worst of it. By the time I had my appointment and got my sub. I was ready and it went by very fast, so it was not half as bad as I thought it would be. For me - it was worth a few hours of being uncomfortable.
I hope that all goes well for you and please keep us posted, take care and good luck! Isa
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hi..i'm gabby from maine..i'm new to this site also..however, NOT NEW to suboxone..i've been on it now for 14 months..i have been clean for 18 +..i didn't start on subox until 6 months after my last dose of clonopin(a long benzo)..strange u might say to not only get on subox for a benzo withdrawal but 6 months after???? yes is unique to me thus far..the withdrawal was so very horrific..more a mental thing than physical..tho' i've gone thru opiate withdrawal in the doc at the time, thoughts most of my 'symptoms' were more opiate like, so i 'tried w/ hesitation', the subox..well..needless to say..i WAS NOT in full opiate withdrawal..and did experience some started at a very low dose of 2mg/day..i'm now at 8 mg. day..i've had one heck of a winter w/ pneumonia and i suffer from depression..however..w/ the subox..i've been able to function better than i ever have w/ those two things..last summer and fall were wonderful..the subox helps me stay clean and clear so that i can do a 12 step program, work w/ a therapist, and work on 'my issues' is a super med..i'm not sure 'if' i'll ever be taken off...for me, at 56 years old, tho' young at heart, this is the best life i've lived since before my addiction to drugs..good luck w/ your treatment..seems like we have a few newbies here...let's stick together, and keep on asking questions of those old fogies!!!!lmao...g.
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