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Default New To Sub - Can I use Just to get through WD


I have been on roxy's at about 180mg per day for about 1 year. It is controlling my life and I really want to get off. I have an appointment for tomorrow to get suboxone so tonight is my last dose of roxy.

Question: Can I use Sub just to get through the withdrawls? I plan to use for one week then taper off. I don't want another addiction seriously.

I have the support system to stay off once I get through the WD's. I have had years of sobriety in my community before I got on Oxys. I have worked 12 step programs and have a lot of sober friends. I don't have a bunch of drug friends that I need to worry about being around.

I really really not want to be stuck on more pills. I dont need to be dependent on something else. It sucks having to depend on drugs to feel okay.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!!!!
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To answer your question in a word, yes you can use Suboxone to stop Oxy withdrawals - once you are stabilized.

Based on your post however the first question I would ask is are you in fact addicted or are you just dependent on Roxies. To answer that you need to understand the difference between addiction and dependence and that can be found here:

If in fact you are not addicted but simply physically dependent on Roxies the simplest course of action would be to taper off of Roxicodone itself and your doctor can assist you with that. If in fact you are in active addiction you must ask yourself what you can actually achieve in just one week of tapering.

You must understand that if you do choose to start Suboxone treatment you can become physically dependent on Suboxone as well. Suboxone is usually used to allow someone to place their active addiction in a state of remission stopping withdrawals and cravings allowing you to fix the problems in your life that got you here in the first place.

While it is possible to use Suboxone to taper off of Roxicodone, Suboxone will not do anything to change what caused you to become addicted in the first place. Successful Suboxone treatment is comprised of not only the Suboxone medication itself but additional support mechanisms such as counseling, therapy or NA/AA that will allow you to fix the things in your life that allowed you to become addicted to oxycodone. Because of this, successful Suboxone therapy is not usually achieved in a matter of days or weeks it usually takes longer to fix the things in life that cause one to become addicted.

You can find Suboxone doctors in your area based on your ZIP Code and therapists and treatment centers as additional support in the Treatment Locator found on the right hand side of this website. I hope this has been helpful in some way.


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If you have been using the equivilent of 30mgs of oxycodone six times a day( which could be one every four hours) for just one year, a short term detox may be just the thing for you.

If you find that you still crave the oxycodone you can always stay on Sub longer(assuming your finances will allow you).

But I would not concern myself about becoming a fullblown Suboxone addict after getting off oxycodone. That is rare(or is at least from my perspective). The chances would be greater that you would go back to your drug of choice.

That being said, if you do use Suboxone for maintenance and long term use, you will become dependent on Suboxone. That is just the nature of any opioid beast. But dependency is a different animal than addiction. Dependency is a monkey on your back. Addiction is King Kong.

I dare say you were first dependent on the oxycodone before becoming addicted. But that is not always the case. Most people do not graduate from dependency to addiction. It can easily happen especially with the full agonist opiates but not so much with Suboxone.

If you can use Suboxone for a short term detox in my opinion you would be serving yourself well. But not everyone can. They need to use Sub a bit longer to reset their thinking and addicted brain. But a year of being addicted is something you have going for you. But time can be meaningless.

I sought treatment before there was such a thing as Suboxone. I went the total abstinent route after only nine months of taking 30mgs of hydrocodone. I ended up relpasing after going to rehab cost me my career and have been on some form of opiate for almost 30 yrs. The only one I haven't ran wild trying to get my hands on is Suboxone.

Knowing Suboxone is now available for oxycodone addiction can be a double edge sword. You can always know Suboxone is an alternative to ruining your life by being in active addiction to a drug you cannot easily access. On the other hand some people do not abuse Suboxone by becoming addicted to it. They use it as a crutch to hold them over when they cannot get their opiate of choice. I am not at all suggesting that is you. Just saying.


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Default Thank you

Thank you both for your responses. I completely understand what you are saying. I have actually gone to school for drug and alcohol counseling so I do get what you're saying.

I feel that I have just become physically dependent on it. For months I have wanted to stop and just not willing to go through the WD so I keep taking them. I am not compulsive about getting my drugs, I really don't want to be taking these damn things anymore. I have just been so scared of the WD that I keep taking them. I really hate having to be dependent on something. I don't even like taking IB. I still have some pain related to my injury, but at this point I am willing to deal with it to not have this other Monkey on my back. When I try to cut back on them and taper down I get irritable and start being an ass to my family. These pills have changed me and I don't like it.

Anyway, so I was sick all day and got my first dose of 8mg and feel great. The goal is to 3 days@8mg 3 days@4mg 3days@2mg then off.

As a precaution I am going back to AA for a while and gonna do another 4th step to ensure I don't have some underlying problems that I don't recognize. I have a big AA community here and lots of friends in the program. I don't hang out with any drug addicts so changing my behaviors is not an issue. Most of my friends are sober or don't have addiction issues. Including my wife who's been sober for 7 years. I have plenty of support to back me up.

Thank you again for your feedback. I really appreciate it. I am feeling really good about getting off these damn things, in fact I'm excited that I am actually doing it.

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I just wanted to say that I think it's great that you are recognizing something that MIGHT become a problem in the future, before it even is a problem. I also agree that you could have probably weaned off the meds instead of using Suboxone, but if this is what will work for you, then I wish you the best!
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Hi Patneedshelp

Good luck with your taper schedule, I hope it works tor you. Either way please post and let us know how you are doing.

You will find a good bunch of knowledgeable people devoted to recovery here and a really supportive community here.

We are all living proof that there is life after addiction.

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Hey Patneedshelp,

Reading your first post it could have been me writing it. I too am a sober (25 yrs) member of AA. Stopped going to meetings way back when but like you, I plan on returning. Got my certification in Chemical Dependency four years into my sobriety but don't practice in the field.

If you really believe you can take Suboxone for only a week, more power to you. I just hope you understand how it helps us return to a non addict life nice and slowly. We didn't become addicts overnight and we won't be a healthy clean and sober person overnight either.

I've been on it for quite awhile and am tapering down. If you've been reading the posts here then you'll see it isn't all that difficult to taper and stop Suboxone. It is really hard to stop the full agonists so that's where it helps with the transition.

Which either way you go you have our support. Don't beat yourself up if you end up taking and stabilizing on Suboxone for several months. It takes what it takes to get better. You are on the right path so congratulations on your return to sobriety.


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