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I've been in recovery for over twenty. Ten years the first time with several relapses over a six month period. Once again I've passed the ten year mark and I'm on much better spiritual path.
Recently a family member began taking suboxone and is already abusing it.

Since this began I started researching this turn of the century alternative to methadone. As with methadone it seems to help some and hurt others. From my own personal experience with recovery I never encountered too many people that methadone has saved. Now I am inquiring about people that attend twelve step meetings and use suboxone.

If this new age marvel helps save lives I'm all for it, however, it is apparently not for everyone. Word of mouth tells me that the withdrawal from suboxone is worse than from opiates on the street. I've yet to research that medically and will not ask anyone here to take that as fact. I do know that people who ceased using methadone told me personally that they hadn't slept properly for long periods of time even as much as years!

The truth for me is this, suboxone is an opioid and taking an opioid for years on end is not good for your body or mind, whether there are mind altering or mood altering effects as with opioids or not. If suboxone prevents someone for overdosing on narcotics then I say great. However, one must look at why it is impossible especially after years, why they can't abstain from all drugs with the help of a group of loving and supporting people, a higher power or both.

The two biggest twelve step fellowships rely on a higher power to abolish the desire and obsession to use drugs. There are many factors that contribute to why someone can't abstain from drugs, genetics, suicidal intentions, and an attitude of indestructibility. To paint everyone who fails at abstinence with a broad brush is unfair to each person's individuality. I'm convinced that there some people that are constitutionally incapable of abstaining from tobacco products. I personally chewed nicotine gum for over two years, it's kind of a suboxone for tobacco addicts. I had a piece of nicotine gum in my mouth at all times. Although it saved my life I knew it wasn't good for my health to keep feeding nicotine to my body. Suboxone, which is a narcotic, without doing any research, cannot be healthy to keep taking on a long term basis. I read that your doctor has to monitor your liver while on it because it is known to be bad for it(by the way so is Tylenol).

Part of recovery for me is taking care of the body I use to treat like a punching bag for drugs and alcohol. As a result I've got hepatitis C and thank God I never had to use suboxone. That's also something to consider before long term use of this medication

I attend twelve step meetings because of my belief in God and the principle laid down by the steps. For me they are for anyone interested in building good character and finding a path in life that is both fruitful and gratifying.

If you find that you don't believe in a higher power or trust a group of caring and loving individuals that share a common experience, then perhaps you might need to stay on suboxone longer than your doctor deems safe and practical. However, I feel we were put here not to isolate and be alone but to love one another and reach out with the hand of understanding and say, "I know how you feel. I've been there too. If you need some help...I'm here for you."

The catch is, when you say it you must mean it. Whenever someone reaches out for help we are responsible to be there for them.
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Originally Posted by dreamy View Post
Does anyone know what the cost is for zubsolv or suboxne strips Dr can't prescribe buprenorphie anymore
I pay $170.00 for my monthly visit and get suboxon pills at wallgreens . they are normally $8.00 each ,but with a good rx card their only $4.50 a piece. strips are around $11.00 shelf price and im not sure about zubsol, but i used to get them and someone sent me a zubsol card in the mail. i remember getting them dirt cheep that way.
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Default Still make tablets?

I use subutex generic buprenorphine. A friend has been using the film. He complains about the cost. I wonder if they still make it in pill form.

I'd guess it would be inexpensive compared to the film. Does anyone know if they still make a generic pill form of suboxone (Bupe/naloxone)?

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Yes. Generic versions of Suboxone (Buprenorphine Hydrochloride and Naloxone Hydrochloride Sublingual Tablets 2 mg (base)/0.5 mg (base) and 8 mg (base)/2 mg (base) by Actavis Elizabeth LLC and Amneal Pharmaceuticals) were approved February 22, 2013.

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