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Default Help please!!

Hello everyone,

I havent been on the site in awhile since i began my treatment. Ive been on the program since last april. My doctor has been tapering me off. I started with 16 mg daily. Now im on 8mg daily. I had my monthly appointment a couple weeks ago so my next appointment is coming up. Well my sister called the other day and told me my doctors office and home was raided by the d.e.a and he is closed down. Now there are over 1,000 people looking for a new doctor as am i. I have yet to find any i can get into with in the next week. I am stressing out because ive worked very hard and ive been clean for a year and a half now without a slip up. Im debating detox because i cannot find a doctor. Please any advice will help. I live in Pennsylvania thank you!!
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Hi lysschelle(:, oh no, I heard about that doctor's offices being shut down last week. First thing, take a look at this thread which has different ways to find a doctor.

A few other things: try dialing 211. It's a referral service that's available in most states. It wasn't available in all of PA last year, but hopefully it's available in your town. Ask your pharmacist is s/he knows of any other Suboxone doctors. Call hospital referral lines. Here's the link to the PA Drug & Alcohol Division:
Maybe they can direct you.

Because Suboxone has a long halflife of about 37 hours, think about dosing every other day - you may not notice much. Or try stretching it out even more if you can just to buy yourself some time.

Please keep us posted on how you are.

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