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Default Update* alan w.

I'm so sorry, its been awhile since I've been here to listen and encourage, my time is always in a crunch so Its hard to find a moment to get on here. I hope all of you are doing well and staying on the right path, the hardest part of getting help is accepting it, so many of you have taken a brave new direction as I once did, it may not be easy today but it will get better tomorrow, I can promise you that! Hang in there and be accepting and outgoing and for the love of god treat yourselfs with compassion, addiction is just a piece of the puzzle. I've lost 3 near family members in under 6 months and everyday i thank good that their last memories of me were those of positiveness and health.

Now is the time and oppurtunity to change ourselves and our attitudes, so please do you a favor and make life enjoyable and deal with your problems, we all know they don't magically get better. I remember in 2010 my addiction was so bad I didn't have heat in my home and the water/electricity would be shut off every month like clockwork, it has been 15 months since that has happened, no more stealing lying cheating and not contributing to society!

We don't need drugs to feel alive, pain (emotionally/physically) is natural!

Godbless all of you for keeping this online commmunity going strong! Great resources for help and questions!

Your friend,

Alan w.
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Default Thanks

......good to hear that you are doing well and thanks for your update.
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Hi Alan, thanks for taking the time for the inspirational message - I'm sure it will help a lot of people who are still thinking about getting help. Nice to hear you're busy and doing well.

Keep up the great work!

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Hi! Thanks for coming back and posting that great message!
"Its you vs. you"
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Thanks Al

Good to hear the good side.

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no problem guys and gals! I just feel so bad that I'm not on here more, but i trust your picking up the slack!

suboxen is truely a miracale tool in cutting addiction out of our lives! I'm so greatful

happy Saturday!!

alan w
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