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Default any more coming around soon?

Are there any surveys out there right now or coming soon that i can do?
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It sounds like they are making good on the payments. It may take several weeks for all to receive them so keep your fingers crossed.

We all sure learned about patience, didn't we? And also aggravation.


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I had given up on receiving a check and I even called a couple of months ago. At that time they told me I wasn't in the system.
Today I got a check for $100.00 and I'm in Louisiana.
Like everyone else I sure do appreciate getting this. Especially since I'm going to my suboxone Dr. tomorrow and need the cash.

It also gave me confidence that these surveys are legit.

Thank you for letting us know about these.

Blessings to all
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Finally got mine, they are definitely legit this has to be the 7th survey I have taken with this company. It just took way to long for them to send the cash, It would have been nice for them to say "Hey we are sorry but it's going to take 6 months for you to get paid." They should have emailed or called or reached out instead of people having to call and annoy them.
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Is anyone still waiting for their $100 Curtis check ? I received mine a couple weeks ago, but my sister & cousin haven't received theirs yet. I had called Curtis about mine & was wondering if they've only sent out checks to the people who called them. Anyone else still waiting ?
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I had to call again to get my check. When I told them that I'd called previously and still hadn't received my check, they apologized profusely and said that the survey was much, much larger than they'd anticipated and they simply can't get the checks out as quickly as they'd hoped. I got my check two days later. So I guess if you really need the money, I'd call them and bug them. They'll likely send it out to you. Good luck, everyone!
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Yeah :-):-):-) I really got a check. I did both surveys and never got any checks. I just hoped the info I gave was helpful and left it at that. Lo and behold a check from curtis showed up with a very nice hand written apology for taking so long.

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If any Addiction Survivor members still have not been paid and have called the company and been unable to get resolution, contact me and I will see to it that everyone who took the survey will be paid. Here is the link to contact me:

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I received the check from Curtis? (I only know from my post above) but not the other one. The surveys were around the same time. Not a big deal. Just happen to see this.
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