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Exclamation Patient Assistance Program??? limit per month???

I can't remember the last time I posted here, but we all end up somewhere, right??

Anyway I need some input or knowledge in regards to people who have dealt with the Suboxone patient assistant program.

I had my Dr. fill out the form, I filled out the form, I attached my tax return and my Dr. faxed the form.

I call the patient assistance program today and they tell me they received my application, but won't be reviewing it until next month. I was caught off guard and you know how it is when something seems to good to be true and then you get the

She told me they only allow so many apps to be reviewed and accepted per month and this month they are all done due to reaching the limit. I am not talking about the 3 patient per doctor limit, my doctor has none as of now and i would be her first ever, she said that the program has a monthly limit overall!!! I have never heard of this and want to know if anyone has on here. Please let me know...soon...I will at some point hop back on here and share or update how I am where I am only get what you can handle...tough to keep believing that one, but I'll hold on another day.....

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Hi josh, I just called the free med program:

They confirmed what you were told.

The woman I spoke with said that this is new in the last month or so. When I asked what the limit per month was, she said she didn't know (or maybe she's not allowed to say?). In any event, it would be nice if we knew what the monthly cap was.

I also asked if the applications were done chronologically the next month after the cap was reached and it is. So your application will not have to be submitted again, it's now in line and hopefully it will get processed before the limit is reached next month.

I personally think they should let people know that it's NOT a 3 to 5 day application process any longer - it could take a month, maybe more depending on how many applications are queued up.

Not very good news at all for people just applying!

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Thanks Nancy. I had one of those addict moments where I thought this could only happen to me, too bad I am not that special, huh!!!

I do find it odd that it just started kinda out of nowhere and not only that you are dead on when it would be real nice to know what the "limit" is and maybe too if they could give you like a "queue" position. I will let them know if they haven't updated the info online about it, they should.

I know everyone has there stuff and there are so many that struggle so I am trying to keep a positive tude and just hope that this program is able to help me soon cause as shocking as it might sound to some and how not shocking to many more after 7 years of being off abusing the hell out of opiates and living on doing the next right thing, I have been thrown off my mountain top and pushed 2 feet underground then buried and then stomped on beyond even what I could have imagined looking back at the things I did when I was using, to me some things just shouldn't happen to anyone and it hurts more when you leave that crazy stressfilled addict lifestyle in the rearview only to crash into a hell that even in addiction I never encountered.

Enough of that for now...thanks again Nancy, if you or anyone else gets any new info on their limit system now please let me know as I will do the same and share what happens in my case.

stay safe to all and when i find a moment i will go into detail about my life as an addict and sobriety and how suboxone has played a major role and how i feel about suboxone in general and how you if at all possible don't forget to tell your friends family...u love em whenever u get a chance and never take anything for granted...if u have something, anything hold tight...u can't lose if you don't do not forget to make someones day brighter, their shine reflects back on u ten fold.
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One more quick thought, when I spk wth pat asst prog women she made it clear that even once they start reviewing apps in May that mine may not get reviewed then. I just hope that we get a little straight forward info as far as the number of new people per month limit and the length of the waiting line. They received my app on Monday which was only half way thru the month so that makes me worry a little more about the limit...if mine was not even reviewed half way thru the month they must have hit a traffic jam or influx of new apps to say we need to slow this thing down.

I just wanted to add the bit about not even being able to get info about if there is a chance that May will be my month, I almost don't even want to know. Good nite!
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