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Default Financial struggles

I am very satisfied with my sub treatment. Not to say everything is perfect now, because that would be a lie. My wife and I go to the same doctor, on the same days, and pay $300 each visit, so that's $600 in one day. Its been difficult coming up with this all at once. We're a paycheck to paycheck household. So this has me stressed out. It could be worse, though. Thanks for letting me post here.
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Sam Bailey
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Hey Thor,

Congrats to both you and your wife for reclaiming your lives. Living in active addiction is just a very crummy way to live.

Re your financial struggles, the first thought I had after reading your post was.....wouldn't it be terrific if just ONE of you could go to the doc, but could get DOUBLE your dose---then split the dose between the two of you.

It might take a little time getting the doc to increase the one dose enough to make such a thing work out.....or maybe not---all depends on the Doctor.


I know that sounds a little shady. Well, IS shady, I guess. But considering the tough times you two are in, IDK, I guess if it was me I might try to work that deal out.

However. It certainly is a good thing that you're both under a doctors care. How long have the two of you been going to this same doc?

Hope things work out.


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Hello Sam Bailey. Thanks for your response. Tomorrow will only be our third month on suboxone. As for the financial situation, my wife wants to go back to work, so that would probably supplement our income enough to scratch by. Its quite expensive to be an addict, even when you're trying to get better! But we can't change the past, so we'll focus on the future. Its hard not to beat yourself up about the choices we've made to get to this point. Maybe he'll do a couples discount?!! Lol. Best of luck to you.
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Hello Thor1982, I am proud of you and your wife for seeking treatment! I am outraged that a dr would charge you $300 each for the office visit. Not sure if you have looked around for another program that would cost you less?

That said, here is a couple of suggestions that might work out for you two: Copied from

Less frequent office visits – As the patient stabilizes, s/he can request to have less frequent office visits. Although physicians commonly require patients to come in for appointments every month to monitor the patient's progress, schedule III medications can be refilled up to 5 times in a 6 month period. Visit frequency is ultimately determined by the physician, but it doesn't hurt to ask, particularly for those stable in long-term addiction remission and those who get therapy or counseling from other sources. Some states however, overrule the physician's judgment and have set minimum periods between office visits.

Buy your own drug test kits online – Most physicians conduct urine tests for illicit drugs at each office visit. Often, the urine is sent to a lab for processing, this can be expensive. If the physician is willing, the patient can purchase drug test kits online for under $10. This could save hundreds depending on how often and how many drugs are tested for.

Glad you are looking to the future and getting better. Hopefully the costs can come down some.

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yes Sam Bailey have thought of that.. I don't think mourn doctor would like that to much.. if one of us could quit he would know we're sharing meds.. THANKS for the advice
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