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Default Scatter brained foggy mind

I posted about this a while back and I didn't get much of a response.
I now he ready anither post that listed similar symptoms.

Hiw many others experience the same symptoms?
I will quote the other post if it will let me.
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Default Other post I read

Default Nine years on SUBUTEX - side effects
I'm a fortysomething male with no health problems (otherwise)
non-smoker, infrequent and light drinker.
I'm on 4mg a day

All these indicate a permanent state unless mentioned otherwise

memory loss (short term)
recall ability is seriously impacted (I always got shit on the tip of my tongue, but I can't seem to access it)
high cognitive function seems impaired (I've lost a high-level job because of my underperformance)
sex drive is low
occasional inability to ejaculate (guess what, women aren't the only ones who fake it
inability to cry or have emotions
mild zombie state (due to the lack of emotions)
no sneezing, tearing up, yawning
self-stigma ("are people looking at me? yea, I think they're looking at me")
lack of confidence (though not sure that that's from subutex)
sub hangover, every goddamn morning (tired of this)
if I eat lots of popcorn while at the movies I'll nod off repeatedly

bout it
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Hi user73, here's your other post about it:

As for the post you quoted, he was actually addicted bupe - not taking it as prescribed and taking too much, going up and down on doses, up to 18mg a day. Which he did realize was one of the reasons he felt as he did. It was a struggle for him to taper. So his main issue was too much bupe. He always felt better at a lower dose, but his addiction held him from staying low and tapering off.

That said, what dose are you taking and for how long have you been at that dose?

It could be your body telling you it's time for a reduction.

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