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Question My Gosh are you all real?? <3

I don't have any friends. Like none. and I have a very very supporting husband but he has NEVER had addiction problems so I can't go to him. I can luckily be honest and I went to my dr. to take care of this stupid addiction...I did it last year and for some reason thought it was of the utmost importance to quit suboxone asap. I took it for 3 months and then it was just so easy for me, I dunno. I started forgetting to take a dose, then thought hmmm do I need this?
Well I also have severe PTSD and a file full of other emotional problems with makes the answer, yes you do need this!

I relapsed in Feb of this year. My use of Norco got higher than it had ever been before I easily took 16-18 per day.
Then my primary physician put me on fentynl patch cuz i was taking too many pills. understandable, I guess? Um probably not.

so can I just lay out my situation and get some feed back? You guys all look after each other so closely it really is unbelievably touching.

I went to my former pain doc and just laid it all out, he is very very good about all that he specializes in addiction medicine.
Anyway he said take off your patch, I will give you enough Norco for about 5 to 7 days then start your sub like before.

when i did it before i put myself through hell just to "be sure" that I was ok to take it, and i get the feeling i didn't need to.
I have read so much but i wish there was like a calculater, put in what you took and when and it spits back when to take your sub.

my sit was

took off my 25 fent patch appx 4pm on Wednesday. Since then I have been taking the norco pretty much like before i think because i was super anxious to get to this mind.
I took my last two norco today at 4pm. that was only 3 and a half hours ago and i feel the unmistakable feelings of WD.

I was prepared to go 12 hours (my doc didn't really tell me) but i really feel like i don't have to. i mean is that a rule?

the cows list i read with attached info said 12 hours AND / OR a 5 to 24. the and / or is what i dont get

can i take the first dose in 2 or 3 hours if i hit the scale? that would put me at around 6 hours only.

really not trying to be a baby it just really seems incredible that I feel this shitty this quickly.

ok any response, or support, or advice is so appreciated, I hope there is someone out there...

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Well with the amount of Norco and those Fentanyl patches, 12 hours you are going to feel really bad. I took my last and final Lortabs 24 hours before my visit and by the next morning at 8, I felt terrible. I was shaky, and hurting all over. Sick, oh my I was so sick and yawning my head off. What they told me if I had to have some type of surgery or procedure and actually NEEDED the medication was to do this. I had to ween myself off the Suboxone for three days and then start the pain pills, take those for whatever length of time for example say if I have a four day supply, then stop taking those and wait 24 hours, then start taking the Sub's again. This came straight from my doc's mouth. That is what I would do,take the supply of pain pills like the bottle says, (yes I know sometimes that is hard to do) and then wait 24 hours to take the Suboxone. If you are on the subs, then ween yourself down for three days and then start the pain pills.
I know how you feel, we all know how you feel because we have been there so much before. Relapse is the one thing that I fear more than anything, more than the cost of the bills. The one thing that you dont have to be afraid of is being alone, we are all here to listen.
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Hi Misty, welcome. Some people go into withdrawals a lot more quickly than others, so with the COWS, the times given are just guidelines. The only thing that people really need to be careful of is not mistaking anxiety for withdrawals. If there's any question at all where you are on the COWS, then just wait longer. There are people who have started Suboxone 4 hours after they took whatever opioid they were taking in active addiction, and others have waited 24 hours or even longer if they were taking methadone or fentanyl.

So, I guess the bottom line is that if you have any question at all, just wait longer.

Let us know how you're doing.

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Nancy, thanks very much for reading and responding, I have another thread going now with updates...

you guys are wonderful, thanks so much
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