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Question How long does it take for sub to disolve??

I have been on the films for 2 weeks now. and everything is ok. after it took a week to get the right dose, and had some issue's. But, here's my problem now. It seems like it takes 30 mins or so, to disolve. Is that the norm?? I wish it could be sooner. plus, I have to spit a lil after that. just to get that awful taste out of my mouth. but when I do. there is a lil sub left I think?? because, I see a small about of orange. any advise would be helpful?? I was told it was fine to spit at the end. thanks
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Hi cbabygirl31190, here's a thread that might be of interest - a bunch of people with their film experience.

It seems like 30 minutes is an awfully long time for the film to dissolve.
This is from the Suboxone site:

Dissolve time: The time required for both SUBOXONE Film and SUBOXONE Tablet dissolution is dependent on saliva quantity and is subject to individual variation, and dose and strength taken. Mean dissolution time for all doses tested (8 mg, 2 mg) was between 5 and 6.6 minutes for SUBOXONE Film and between 7 and 12.4 minutes for the SUBOXONE Tablet.

Have you tried rinsing your mouth out with water right before taking the medication?
Before taking SUBOXONE Film, drink some water to moisten your mouth. This should help the films dissolve more easily

I hope that helps.

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