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Hi Nancy

Thank you for writing back.

He'd been taking 3/4 of what I believe are 8mg strips a day. We have discussed what happened leading up to the relapse, since he is very open with me. and he basically said that he didnt even realize he was going through all the steps of the relapse until the dealer was in his car.

We see the psychologist once a week, only just started since its only been 3 weeks. We have gone to him as a couple but he will also be having one on one sessions as well. I know he hates the life of an addict and I truly do believe he wants to heal and move on from the addiction. But is only realizing now that he needs long-term support. I've looked into NA, and I think he has a bad stigma around it for some reason.

I feel stuck between being too forceful with him and being too nice. I'm unsure where the lines are. Even though we talk about everything, I still feel like i have to walk on egg shells. I am worried more stress is what would push him back into another relapse.
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