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Sam Bailey
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Hello Sad Mother,

That you have finally accepted this sad fact, that your daughter has an alcohol problem, and likely a serious problem at that, well, that's a good and necessary step for your daughter---and, especially, for you.

The truth is, we can never help the alcoholic in our lives until we first admit that she/he has a problem. Believe me, it is SO easy to live in denial, I know this first hand.

My son is closing in on 2 years clean and sober. But it took a lot of time, and lots of hard work on his part, to leave that dark world of booze and drugs. And even now, it really is a one day at a time deal. Yet it can be done. Lots of people, my son for one--and possibly your daughter---can find their way OUT of that darkness.

Yet it is 100% true, SHE must want it, the sober life, before she stands a chance in hades of living free.

Please, look again for an Alanon Meeting in your area. It's worth anther look. But if you can't find that Meeting, go to an Open AA Meeting. In the Meetings I attend, there are almost always a couple/few non-alcoholics there, loved ones of the alcoholic all.

You will be accepted there. Talk to people. Tell them your story. What you'll find, yes, even in an AA Meeting, are people who KNOW your story, people who have lived, or are living, your experience.

And these people can not only help you with good, non judgmental advice, they can point you to the next best step, based on what you and your daughter's needs are.

Don't wait, Sad Mother. Go to a Meeting soon. Go tonight. Don't wait. It will be the best thing you can do to help your precious daughter find her way out of the insanity.

It really is your best next step.


sam b
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