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Hello All,
I felt it important to update what has been going on with my personal journey. I have been off Subs for going on ninety days. After some soul searching, I felt it was best for ME to re-enter the rooms and carry my message to others. Five years ago, I was in an I.O.P. that had me go to meetings and the response from some other addicts was not positive. Based on where I was in the process, my feelings were hurt and I was angry for being forced in to a situation where I had to take negative criticism for my choices. As soon as it was no longer a requirement to attend meetings, I bolted and continued to work on my recovery through this website and other support services.
Now that I have been out of medication assisted recovery, I felt a need to strengthen my foundations and went back to 12 step meetings locally. What I have discovered is that my growth in recovery has allowed me to accept any negative comments with grace and move on. The attitudes have improved dramatically over time, but there will always be people who have something negative to say about using medications assisted addiction treatment.
Looking back, I don't know if I would have done things differently because as you grow in your journey, you learn and change. When you are new to getting clean, you are quite vulnerable and easily hurt. Well, I was. The most important thing was that I was willing to do whatever I had to do to get healthy, even stick to my home and work on it. If you don't have that option, I encourage you to do whatever it takes. The positive to come from this situation is that the attitudes about medication in the rooms has improved since I began my journey years ago. I am approached often from people who thank me for my honesty and willingness to tell my story.
If you are struggling with stigma, make it known. Awareness is our best defense!
Well said hairgirl! I appreciate your honesty and I wholeheartedly must do whatever it takes! I know when I was using, I would do whatever it took to acquire my opiates.
Thank you!
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