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a wonderful thing happened this morning.

On my way to work, cycling along a busy road, I saw a little brown thing flickering on the tarmac. As I got closer I saw that it was a little injured robin redbreast in the middle of the road.
I put my brakes on and blocked the road, while I picked it up and carried it to the side and I gently put it under a big plant away from the road. I got on my bike, wished the robin well and cycled off to work, hoping little robin would make it.

On my way back, some 3 hours later, I was just approaching the plant on my bike, when from under the exact bush flew a little robin. I was still riding, slowly now, and the robin flew onto a nearby fence, chirped and flew off.

It might not have been my robin. It might not have been waiting for me. It may have been a coincidence but I prefer to think of it as a message. Like he was telling me that everything will be ok soon.
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