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Good morning,

How are you?
I am ok.

Thanks for your message Tryntryagain.

His brother came yesterday to get his stuff. Only problem he came on foot, not by car. I'd told him there were a lot of bags. Nincompoop! So anyway, he didn't take all the bags. They are still cluttering my bedroom but nevermind, a few more days. I decided not to take anything to the prison myself. His family can do it. His brother said nobody from the family has been to see Abdul in prison yet but that he would be going today for the first time, and so he took one bag of clothes and towels. He didn't have any other news.
I gave the brother a list of local associations and social services but I could tell he didn't want to talk about it to me. I asked after his mum & dad. He said they are fine. So I dunno. It's out of my hands now.

I will just keep tabs on where Abdul is, but I'm not getting a lawyer.

Something quite strange happened.
I sometimes do translations for extra cash and this weekend I had one from a psychotherapist. It was all about anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD and the path to wellness. Coincidence! Anyway, it was about regressive hypnosis as a strategy for working through such issues. I was wondering if anybody has tried such an approach?

Love and healing
And a beautiful day to all
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