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Hi soapdish, I'm glad you're safe with your family in England. That had to have been a big relief for his brother and uncle being kind and understanding.

You cannot be the one to help him. HE needs to help himself.

Please do not text him or have any contact with him. Please think about blocking his number so you are not tempted and you do not have to read any texts from him or accept any calls from him.

You have to do this for yourself. You have given him chance after chance after chance. In my opinion, if you contact him, he will think it's an opening for you to come back with more empty promises. Then the vicious cycle starts all over again, but with an unknown ending that you can't risk.

This is time for you to heal. For you to move on without guilt and without second guessing yourself. YOU did all YOU could. He has to do all HE can, which he hasn't.

Please take good care of YOU!

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