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Hi Soapdish!

RLee is right, 100% correct. Have a Police Officer with you at all times. Anytime that he's apt to be around, I mean.

It is NOT hostile; it's reasonable. Truth is, he has physically assaulted you! Right? Ok, so why wouldn't he do it again? Especially when his anger is likely to be raging...and his alcoholism, as likely, fully active.

Soapdish, this man does not have control of his behavior. Alcohol does!

As I noted before, your relationship, on both sides, is awfully dysfunctional. That doesn't mean, necessarily, that it can never be righted. There is that chance.

However! You BOTH need to begin healing. And doing it "together," while you're both struggling in such a dark place, is not a good idea. It never is, for no one.

I'm delighted to see that you are recognizing all the dynamics at play here. That's always the first step, KNOWING what really is going on. First you know it. Second you begin doing something to repair it.

Best to you, Soapdish!

**Edit: For the record, do not choose a neighbor over a Police Officer to watch your back. Nothing is right about that scenario. Hopefully not, but IF something physical started up, your neighbor has very little legal options...the Cop has 'em all! Not to mention that the officer is likely able to physically handle him/herself better than even the most trusted friend or neighbor. best!


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