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Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. Lost dog and Sam Bailey you are so right. Thank you for articulating the situation so well. I have read your posts over and over again and they help me feel strong. Very disappointed in myself but I see that I have let this situation go on for way too long and we're both really deeply in now.
Basically, I let people walk all over me in lots of areas in my life, not just this - work, family, random people in the street even! I am so gullible and I never stick up for myself. I'm so easily manipulated and too submissive. All the time, in everything.

Sam is so right. I have been an immense part of the problem and I absolutely must see that we both need OUT and now. We will die if we stay together like this.

I just have practical things to do now like pack his stuff up and contact a relative to pick it up. The police want to send an accompanying officer. It sounds like a good idea for my safety but it seems a bit extreme to me, rather hostile. Do i need to be hostile? I thought I would ask a neighbour to be there with me instead. I was wondering whether I should write a letter to them and put it with his stuff or give it to them in hand, or what? What should I do? I have no idea how to behave and I don't trust myself at all in decision making. I am awful at taking decisions. The living room light electrical wires are hanging down and there's a hole in the lampshade, because I haven't chosen new lighting yet. See, I just bury my head in the sand even for the little things. Hence my situation. So I'm going to be just fine by myself and for him this is a lifeline, whether he sees that now or not.
Sorry, didn't mean for this to be so long-winded. If you're still reading...

His trial will be on 23rd January. I will be called up. I think the last thing I can do for him is to push for a rehab solution not a punitive one.

The rest is up to him really.

Don't worry for me. I will be fine. If I see him, I will forgive him if that's what he wants. And so I will stay away. I will read this thread when I'm feeling weak.

So thanks again. Truly. Massive wake up call.

I don't know what your own stories are but I hope they have reached or can soon reach a good outcome for you and your loved ones.
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