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Hello Soapdish,

Welcome to the Forum.

While that policeman may have appeared cruel by hoping your boyfriend gets sent to prison, being sent to a locked facility may be the best thing for him. As bad as it sounds, it might well save his life.

I would, however, much prefer a locked rehab over a jail cell any day.

As much as this entire situation is about your boyfriend's severe alcoholism, the more important character in the story--and the person in the most overt danger--is you.

Soapdish, I cannot urge you strongly enough to get OUT of this relationship. You are literally risking your life. Moreover, you're not doing him a damn bit of good by staying with him under these same-ol, repetitive circumstances. He MUST wake up to the damage he'd doing and he simply will NOT if he doesn't suffer the consequences of his actions.

See, right now, the most important thing to him, in the world, is NOT you. It is his addiction. He will tell you anything to persuade you to believe his lies. By you believing his false tales allows him to continue drinking.

It is possible that your relationship could improve. But first, HE must make a genuine effort to get better. And to get better, your boyfriend must WANT to get better---and it really doesn't sound like he wants this. I mean, WHY should he, he screws up time after time and, time after time, you allow him to come back---and screw up again.

I don't blame you, Soapdish. This entire matter is a sickness...and you are both ill.

First thing you must do, I repeat, is save your life. Give yourself, and him, some TIME to think clearly.

Best to you, Soapdish!

sam b
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