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Hello and thank you for the kind reply. The advice is useful and thank you for the link. I have found some associations that can help him and I want him to get help.

I called the police station and they told me he isn't there now but the officer couldn't tell me if he's been released or where he is. I feel like a sitting duck but I am also terrified for him. Maybe he has been beaten by the police or maybe he made a big scene in the cell and now they've arrested him. I am so worried my hands are shaking. I know that his choices are not my responsibilty, but I fear something bad has or is happening to him. He is Moroccan and the police are notoriously hard on foreign people and are inherently racist in the area where I live. Last night one of the officers tried to make me press charges but I told him I don't want to (for fear of making my situation worse. I don't trust the justice system here) and he told me he hopes my boyfriend goes to prison. This is why I fear they may have hurt him or aren't treating him fairly, like holding him without a lawyer. Despire what he has done I don't wish him harm. I wish for him to learn from this and finally sort himself out. Kniwing him, I fear he mught have lashed out at the poluce and made hus situation even worse.

The other scenario is simply that they let him out this morning and he's waiting until it goes dark to come here, as he's probably too ashamed to face any neighbours.

I don't know if I will wait it out or check into a hotel at this point. He can get in. I fixed the door but it's only a superficial repair job and I have to wait until tomorrow to get a locksmith. This is Italy.

I can not tell my parents something like this over the phone. All it will do is break their hearts and could literally give my dad a heartattack or stroke. So no.
I am supposed to go home for Christmas on Thursday. I still want to but I don't know if I will be able to at this point.

My other situation is that I work from home. I have students coming tomorrow. If he comes making a scene when clients are here it will be disastrous. On the other hand if I cancel all tomorrow's lessons I will lose a lot if money, which I need so badly right now. Just changing the locks and repairing the door is going to cost a fortune and I still haven't paid this month's mortgage.
I don't know what I am going to do.

Thank you again everyone for reading and supporting. I am sorry to be so boring and weakminded.
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