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Default Xanax and Subutex??

Hi everyone, I been trying to quit opiods with the help of suboxone since 02/08 that was the first time I was given suboxone but it was giving to me by a DO not a substance abuse pchycologist or doctor so he really didn't help or listen to me and also I was so scared of beeing on sub cause what I heard in another site so I was lowering my dose really fast so anyways of course I went back to lortabs in 08/08 then over the next months I went back in fort on sub and lortabs wanting to quit really, so anyways finally in 01/09 I quit with the help of suboxone doing ok then had a relapse in 03/09 for like 17 days, then in 04/01/09 I quit but this time I decided it would be the last but I knew I had to change doctors so I research while on sub and started also therapy and in that office there was a substance abuse pchycologist a very good one so I started to go with him I went to him on 08/14/09 at that time I was on 3mg of suboxone and I was also craving all the time and I had the worst anxiaty I didn't know it was anxiaty but I was having it for the past 4 months and getting worse I thought I was going to have a heart attack. So anyways he change my rx from suboxone 3mg to subutex 8mg, also he put me on celexa 20mg and xanax .25mg 4xday, now I have always heard you can't mixed benzos with sub and I question the doctor but he said it was fine in low doses and also showed me studies on the reported cases of death on ppl using xanax and sub is because they were abusing it and also mixing with alcohool, so I trust him and started takin xanax and up the dose and all the instructions he told me and feel really good for the first time in a long time I feel like I'm moving foward. But I'm scared cause I still go to the other site for substance abuse and they 1 hate sub and 2 they know you are not suppost to mixed the 2, my question is what do you guys think about mixing subutx and xanax? the doctor told me the max he wants me to take is 2mg of xanax.
Thank you I know is a long post sorry
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