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Hi Nancy.

So I I've been on the Belbuca 75 mcg films for 2 days seem to be a little down but not too bad. I've had a runny nose the past day & woke up around 4:30 this morn & couldn't fall back asleep so I think I'm having mild symptoms from the drop from 2mg of Subutex.....prob mostly mental? I'm going to continues to take 1 film every morning until I run out on 20 Apr an make the jump.

I'll start a new thread when I jump because I'm going to need all of the support I can get. Although I'm still unfamiliar with the site so would the best way be to start a new thread? Any insight would be appreciated. As of right now I've kept my addiction (after I relapsed) a secret from my wife & family and I know I'm going to have to tell them for maximum support if I have any chance to stay clean. I just really wanted to get through the detox 1st & be in a better place. And of course I'm dreading having to put my family thorough the worrying & emotional rollercoaster. That's the worst part of this by far.

Anyways, I'm determined & am now looking at the reduction from 2mg of subs to the 75mcg Belbuca as a blessing. Like I said I'm going to really try & do a lot of posting while I'm withdrawing for support & in hopes that it will help keep me busy. Thanks again Nancy.
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