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I feel sorry for you, but know that I am with you in this. I am an ex-alcoholic, and I can understand what it feels to be like to not have support from your family members. Let us leave all that out for now.

I am sorry if this para sounds preachy, but please trust me and follow through. The first step you need to take is to UNDERSTAND that you are an alcoholic, and that you need to get over it. Read that sentence again.

The next step is to get professional help. You have absolutely no need to suffer alone if you can get all sorts of help. The carving and urge to consume liquor CAN be controlled with drugs. Find a good rehab clinic nearby. If you are anywhere in Canada, Canada Rehab Reviews ( ) might help. Find a good addiction treatment program that suits you, and just walk in there. There will be a consultant physician there who can help you out, in whatever stage of alcoholism you are.

I had a very bad addiction problem too, and had to go through rehab for 3 months in an addiction treatment program in Calgary, Canada. I had a number of friends who were very supportive though- my buddies from my AA group. AA is short for Alcoholics anonymous. They are support groups for people recovering from addiction of all sorts. Just google for AA groups in an area, or take a look at, which is our official local resources page. We are with you too, all the way.
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