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I am so sorry to read of all the issues and unhappiness you are experiencing in your life, Lisa. You, indeed, have a lot to deal with right now. I will share with you this: sometimes our own families can be our worst stressors. I have a theory that many people who struggle with addictions are coping with one or more family members who are not on their side and might, in fact, be more like an enemy. I have family members who hold so much sibling rivalry toward me that this has caused them to literally hate me and wish for bad things to happen to me and around me. Any success I know infuriates them. They want me to fail. I came to place I had to dismiss this and them. I'm not saying you should necessarily remove anyone from your life, but I am saying that each of us has to evaluate who to be near or with whom to communicate on any regular basis. I hope for you to come to a place you can disregard any negativity surrounding you. Concentrate on healing and getting to a place you can live one day at a time in your sobriety. May blessings come your way as you get on track to a healthier lifestyle in which you are living each day individually with a mindset of living well and happily . . . . ONE day at a time...
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